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A/N: I actually wrote this for Halloween last year for a pseudo-contest on another site called Penana, and have been too awkward to post it on here and wattpad until now for reasons. Yeah. I ended up winning btw, oddly enough. The prompt was the first sentence and halloween-ish themed. Also, this hasn't been edited/proofread since I first uploaded it last year. I apologize for all the mistakes. (If this note looks familiar, it is because I copy/pasted it from the The Mysterious Phone Booth short because I'm lazy and they both did have similar prompt styles, and they both got first place so whooo.)

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Everybody said the old Bosworth mansion was haunted. And by everyone I mean everyone. In a town of population seventy-four, although it might soon turn to seventy-three as Mrs. Greene wasn't likely to make it past the month.

It was no surprise really. That mansion located on the cliffside, about a mile into the forest next to the cemetery, was made to be haunted. It was isolated, it was gothic, it was falling apart, and it hadn't been lived in for nearly a whole century because it was rumored to have housed an occultist who died in the middle of a summoning.

So it was also really no surprise that when some new guy turned up, he just had to move into the old Bosworth mansion.

Now, the rumors about him were plenty and varied. It probably helped that he was mildly attractive with rugged features and a muscular frame although I barely caught a quick glance of him when he had been leaving the grocery store two days ago. The girls though, they were going crazy about him. Even my little sister.

"Eli, he's so gorgeous though! You don't understand," she said for the hundredth time.

I rolled my eyes, also for the hundredth time, and continued to tap out the Cup Song with an empty styrofoam coffee cup. I don't even know why I did it but ever since that movie came out and everyone went bananas over the Cup Song I somehow took up the habit of tapping it out with my hands or a nearby cup when I was bored. It was second nature now even though Pitch Perfectcame out like three years ago and I had only seen it once.

It was a slow day even though my coffee shop was the only one in town. Most people preferred to go to Judy's pub if only to eye up either her or her twin Jude. Or they enjoyed watching the two bicker. There was only so much forms of entertainment to be found in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere.

Annalise started whining about me not listening or taking her seriously - which is something I've never done so why should I start now sixteen years later? - so I dug out my iPod and put in my earbuds to drown her out.

Annalise saw and rolled her eyes at me. She made a retort but my music was too loud to hear her. It was probably a comment on my maturity, or lack thereof, even though I was ten years older than her.

She finally left me alone, walking over to one of the empty tables and going on her phone, probably to stalk celebrities on Tumblr or Instagram or something or rant about the new guy some more to her internet/school friends.

I let her do her thing and put the cup I had been messing around with down, crossing my arms on the counter and resting my head on them. The people who entered my cafe were incredibly predictable and came during certain times and I had a good four hours until the Johnson family came by for their daily dose of coffee and cakes. I had time to spare and it wasn't often that anyone came by randomly, so it wasn't long before I drifted off.

I felt someone shaking my shoulder, bringing me to a semi-wakeful state.

"Nnnn, 'lise, go 'way," I grumbled and used a hand to weakly slap the offending person's hand.

Deep chuckles met my ears and I looked up, blinking blearily. That was not Annalise.

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