The Transformation

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How could he?!

"And you're ABSOLUTELY SURE that's what he said?" The brunette asked her friend again. "Yes..." She answered breathless. "He said it like I never meant anything to him!" The brunettes friend kept crying on her shoulder while the girl herself kept frowning in her thoughts. 'How could he do that to Leah! They have been together since the beginning of the beginning!'

Kai decided that her brother was a crazy fool and that, as soon as he gets back, she would give him hell for dumping Leah and running away. It's been a week since they broke up and a week since Sam has been 'missing'. Nobody knows where he is, but Kai thinks he is just hiding from Leah and herself. 'He should' she thought bitterly.

"I'm going home." Leah announced. She probably thought she was being a burden to Kai, but Kai for once thought it was nice that someone came to her for help. Seeing as she never actually helps someone. She hates helping people or getting helps. "Will you be alright? You can stay here if you want." Kai offered. But Leah shook her head, "No it's alright. I need to get home anyway. School starts next week and you need to start getting to bed earlier." Kai saw threw Leah lame attempt at a joke but let it slip by, seeing as Leah was probably too tired for her bullshit.

"Yeah, sure thing MOM" Kai jokingly threw back. Leah laughed a little but it was a sad chuckle. "Alright, see you later Kai." With that Leah got up and quickly left the Uley household.

Exhausted Kai got up and cleaned the living room from Leah's wet tissues and the two tea mugs. Once she threw away the tissues and left the mugs in the dishwasher, she went up the stairs and headed straight to her bedroom.

Since her mom is working the night shift at the hospital and her dad is a cheating fucker who never came back from his so-called 'business trip', she was home alone. And don't forget that her dick of a brother went 'missing' last week.

In her bedroom, she stripped al her clothes of and got in her sleep attire. A pair of shorts and one of her brothers baseball shirts. Even if he's a jerk, his shirt is comfortable as fuck! And seeing as she had a weird grow-spurt last week, she had to get new clothes she didn't even have money for.
She got 5 inches taller, leaner. And her six-pack, that she has been training months for, finally started showing.

Kai was about to jump in bed when she heard the backdoor burst open. Shocked she jumped towards the ros she kept under her bed for emergencies like burglars.

Heavy footsteps were heard, heading towards the kitchen. In there she heard a lot of rummaging. Plates falling, cabinets thrown open and other weird noises.

Without thinking, Kai tip-toes down the stairs. At the end of the stairs she stops and listens to the sounds. From what she heard, it was one person. Kai takes one big breath before she leaps into the kitchen. "What the hell are you doing in my house!?" She yells at the broad figure, who seems to be inhaling the leftover chicken from last night.

"Language Kai, and put that thing down, it's me. Sam." Grumbles the figure.


That's how Kai looks a her older brother.

"Excuse me?"

"I said 'language and put the pole down'. He slowly articulated

"I know what you said you dumbass." She gritted through clenched teeth. Sam who stopped stuffing his face, looked shocked up to his younger sister. Kai started trembling. "I meant 'excuse me', as in... Were the hell have you been, what the fuck happened to you and why the shit are you telling me what to do after you have been 'missing' for a week?!" She growled.
Kai slowly started shaking even more. And Sam looked panicked. 'It's happening to her too! Why would the spirits do this to us?!'
"Kai, listen. Calm down alright. Something happened to me and it's happening to you to. So we have to go and talk to Chief Black okay? After that I"ll explain everything." Sam tried to calm his sister down but it only angered her more.

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