Chapter 16

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*A/N:For those whove read my Prank Wars Story will notice that thios story has some of that in it*

"What were you so upset about yesterday?" George asked me as soon as i sat down next to him the next evening (id been avoiding him and his Twin the entire day) and he shoved my plate of food towards me "nothing really" i said and moved my food around my plate. "Come on" he butt bumped me "tell Ol' george what happened" he said, i sniffled trying to keep my tears in "i-its jsut" i sniffled again and he wrapped him arms around me. "Tell me please?" he asked "its just that my mom left me like a sack of potatoes" i cried into his chest "she just traded me for a Harley no second looks and i havent ever heard from her in almost 10 years!" i cried. "She left me and my father all alone with Colin and Dennis" i said "Shh shh its alright Gigi its okay" he said and smoothed my hair. "Lets get out of here k?" he said grabbing my hand then he pulled me out into the grounds and we started to walk around until we got to a comfortable spot just inside the Forbidden Forest. We layed down on teh ground and looked up at the stars we were quite quiet for a while then i moved and laid my head on his chest as he started to stroak my hair i said "how did i end up with a guy like you?" i asked "because your yourself. Your gorgeous genius tiny pretty cute adorable sweet kind nice perfect self" he said. "Im not" i said "yeah you are, to me" he said and kissed the top of my head i turned my head to look at his face and sat up slightly "your much deeper than you let on George Weasley" i said  "i guess" he said and smiled, i smiled back and moved my face closer to his "kiss me" i said. "Mmm" he said and shook his head making me pout "please?" i asked "no" he said in a childish tone "we should get back to the Common Room however" he said and got up abruptly. I sat there with my legs crossed tightly and my arms crossed over my chest "come on" he nudged me with his toe and i shook my head "not until you kiss me" i said and he shrugged "alright then" he grabbed me around the waist then slung me over his shoulder "GEORGE WEASLEY PUT ME DOWN!!! IM WEARING A SKIRT YOU YOU BLITHERIND IDIOT!!!!" i yelled and punched his back as he started to lead me back into the castle. "Your always wearing skirts" he repliued calmly "my glasses are slipping!" i whined and he reached his free hand back and took my glasses off "oh great real nice now i cant see a dam thing!" i said and he laughed his deep voiced $exy laugh "GRR!" i yelled and he laughed again.

He dragged me up to his room then sat me down on his bed while i pouted. "Sleep with me tonight" he said "no" i said "come on please?" he asked and sat down infront of me when i shook my head again he leaned in and placed a small kiss on my lips. "Now?" he asked and i shook my head again this time he kissed me for longer "yeah sure" i said dreamily and he smirked. He handed me his Quidditch shirt which i put on then we both snuggled under the covers together. He wrapped his arms around me and i breathed in the scent of his covers which was just like his own and buried myself deeper into his bed. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me even closer so that i could hardly breathe "George" i said and he chuckled silently "what?" he asked innocently. "I cant Breathe" i said "kiss me and ill stop" he said "oh so now your playing this game really?" i asked and he nodded into my shoulder. I sighed then turned around and kissed him on the lips softly but then he started to make out with me his hands running alll over my body and i wrapped my arms around his neck burying my hands in his thick red hair then his hands went up my shirt and started to tug at my bra this time i pushed him away. "George dont" i said "what?" he asked "i-im not ready for that im im a virgin" i said softly "well then if your not ready then ill wait until you are babe. I love you" he said and pecked me on the lips softly then he layed down next to me again and wrapped his arms around me once more and snuggled into my shoulder before i knew it he was asleep. I loved him i truly did, how he was so easy about me being a virgin how he always protected me and especially how he was so caring and nice.

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