56. I'm Going To Die

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"Justin, wait..." I sat up. 

"What's wrong?" 

"I don't know... I don't think..." I started. Justin sat up and moved my hair out my face. "I'm a little scared." I confessed and fumbled with my thumbs.

"Baby, if you're not ready, we can wa-" 

"No, but I am ready. I want to make love to you. I'm just a little nervous." 

"About what?" 

"The pain." My eyes widened. Justin chuckled.

"This isn't funny!" 

"It's cute, though. Baby, it's your first time. It's going to hurt a tiny bit in the beginning. Then, I promise you'll love it" He pecked my lips.

"I want you." I cupped his face. "Please, be gentle." 

"I promise." He held up his pinky. I giggled and wrapped my pinky around his. He kissed them, lifted me up and laid my back on the cotton sheets.

He got on top of me and began kissing on my neck. I slid his unbutton shirt off his shoulders. His lips soon met mine. He pulled me up. I supported my weight on my elbows and Justin unclasped my bra. My first instinct was to hold it up, but I let it slide down my arms.

Justin's greedy eyes stared at my exposed skin. I watched as his eyes met mine again. 

"You're perfect." He whispered. I felt at ease. He leaned down and planted soft open kisses on my breast.

I quietly moaned as he caressed them. His lips traveled south, to my scar. He placed his lips on it and left them there for a moment. My back relaxed on the sheets.

"Come here." I softly ordered. He connected our lips. I licked his bottom lip begging for entrance. He happily granted. I held the back of his neck to deepen our kiss. The kiss started off gentle, but gradually exalted.

Justin's hips grind against me. My lower half started to throb, yearning for more friction. I felt a hand slide down to an untouched area. I gasped. 

"You're so wet." I felt him smile against my lips.

I felt his warm breath on my neck as he looked down and hooked his finger on the rim of my panties and pulled them down. I threw my hand over my exposed sex. Justin looked at me. 

"You can't be shy with my baby." He said in his low raspy voice.

His voice was sexy as hell. I quickly removed my hand. He lightly kissed the side of my mouth as reward. His hand rubbed against me, making me involuntary moan. 

"You like that?" He asked. I nodded. I felt his fingers at my entrance. I grabbed them. He looked at me again. 

"Be gentle." I reminded.

"Don't worry babe." He kissed my lips. I awaited his next action. He slowly slid his two fingers into me. I gripped the sheets and quietly winced. He had this satisfied look in his eyes. He pulled them out and in again. I closed eyes and bit my bottom lip.

"Relax, Ri." He said. I tried, I really did. He used his thumb to rub against my center. I threw my head back and another moan escaped my throat. He pumped his fingers. I arched my back and spread my legs wider. I was craving more.

I reached forward and grabbed the buckle of his pants and undid it. I hesitantly grabbed the zipper. I looked up to him. "We don't have to do this." He reminded.

I looked back at his pants and pulled down the zipper. He grabbed a condom from his pocket before his pants fell to his knees. He kicked them off. They joined the rest of the clothes around the room. He hovered back over me. I gulped when I saw his bulge.

I laid my head back, looked at the ceiling and tugged at my hair. 

"Baby..." He called. I looked at him. My eyes traveled down and met something unfamiliar to my eyes. 

"Oh my god." I whispered.

He lowered his body onto mine. I held onto his shoulders. 

"You sure you want to do this?" He asked. I looked back down to his length.

I'm going to fucking die. I will never be the same if that goes inside me. I exhaled and looked back to him. 

"You promise to be gentle?" 

"Yes." He kissed my nose. I nodded. He rubbed himself against my entrance. 

"Okay, this is going to hurt for a second. Just relax." He said. 

"I'm ready." I nodded and held my breath. He slowly penetrated me. My jaw dropped as I stared into his eyes. They were burning into mine. My breathing became rapid. He slowly went deeper. A loud moan slipped from my lips. He kept going. I squeezed his shoulders. "W-wait." I weakly spoke. He stopped. 

I tried to relax. Justin was officially physically as close to me as humanly possible. We were one. I had to take in the moment. There was pain, but I didn't want to seem like I wimp. 

"Alright, you can move." I allowed.

He pulled out a little and then came back. I moaned. Justin concealed my lips with his. He continued. I couldn't help but moan into his mouth. His lips went to my neck. I buried my face into his.

He went deeper this time. My nails dug into his skin. He groaned into my neck. Sexiest thing I ever heard. 

"Oh my god." I moaned. He picked up the pace. I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist. 

"Baby, you're so fucking... tight." He whispered in my ear. I kissed on his neck. The pain had finally subsided. "I love you." He said. I shakily replied, 

"I love you too." He squeezed my hips. "Justin..." I said weakly. 

"Yea babe?" 

"Go... faster." I ordered.

He instantly obeyed, causing me to cry out. I clutched the sheets. He pulled on my bottom lip with his teeth. 

"Arch your back." He directed. I did. "Good girl." He smirked.

With each thrust, my body met Justin's perfectly. My legs grew weak. He placed them over his shoulders. I leaned up and connected our lips. 

"Baby, that feels so... good. D-don't stop." I weakly commanded. 

"I won't." He stated.

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