Chapter 7 Love At First Sight

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Slenderman was having the time of his life. He was really happy that he can know make his own decisions. But one day while he was creating some guards to save his worlds idendity. He felted some strange strong power on his useless forrest. Absorbing his strength. He quickly teleported to the location of the strong power. He was ready for a fight, but right when he saw what was having such strong strange power... He was surprised, it was a woman. Not a human woman, a spiritual woman he had meet before a long time ago. They had meet each other when they were kids. It was the only girl... friend he had. They spoke each other and never saw each other right after his aunt's wedding. But now they came face to face again. She told him that while he was running away from home and started running through forrest he started to hear some screams and tears and he didn't care. (This happend in chapter 2.) She told him that it was her, she to also ran away. No one sure's why but she was really sad about here life. So she also ran into the enchanted forrest right after he discovered it and left to help other people. They both started to communicate and started sharing thoughts, memories and feelings. And before you know it they were in love. And... well you know what happens when two couples get together and did some.........action together. (I'm supposed to keep this pg-13 so I can't write this part of the story.) After there.....action Slenderwoman (which is now here new name.) Made a bunch of eggs, not human babies, just mistical eggs of there children. And this caused the Slender Planet to have it's ruler and it's own family.

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