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Sup..I hope you all like this chapter!! :)

Meghan's POV

Now it's Halloween.I can't think of any costume..I know!! Emmy!!

I called Emmy.

"sup boo"

"em!! I need you"

"I'm on my way"

She hung up.I heard a knock on the door, wow! Emmy's so fast

I went to the door and saw Emmy catching her breath

"I came as quickly as I could"

I laughed while looking at Emmy catching her breath

"you don't need to go here quickly"

"you need my help 'im only one call away'"
Emmy sang the chorus of Charlie's song. I just giggled

I rolled my eyes and invited Emmy inside

She carried a LOT of bags..why does she brought this bags??!! What is happening??

"here! Pick a costume"
Emmy said while opening the zippers of the bag

"wow! That's a lot of costumes to choose from"

I picked a lot of costumes.but I finally picked the one that I like the best..

"that looks awful megs!"
Emmy said while crossing her arms.

"really?! Wha-does it??"
She just nodded

"why don't you pick a costume for me, I'll choose which one do I like"


Emmy grabbed a cat costume. WTF?! that's for skinny people, I'm not skinny

"put this on"
Emmy said while handing me the cat costume

"okay..but this is gonna be bad, I warn you"

"no! Charlie's eyes will go wide if he sees you wearing that!!"

I just put on the costume cause I love making shows for my boyfriend, if you know what I mean. *winks*

I'm done putting the dress on then walked out of the bathroom..Emmy screamed


I looked in the mirror and was shocked.I do look hot!! I should wear this costume more often for Charlie

To be honest, I just want to pick out a costume cause I'm gonna be doing a surprise for Charlie

After 1 hour

A while ago, I texted Charlie to come at my house cause I'm gonna surprise him

Someone knocked on the front door.I got up from the couch and opened it

Charlie had his eyes wide open

" look.."

"do you like it Charlie?"

" much"

He kissed rough and closed the door behind him
He pushed against the wall and stared to kiss my neck.

"meghan, please wear this more often"
Charlie said in between kisses

"sure, love"

We stopped for a while cause we're going upstairs

Charlie pushed me in the bed and took off his shirt

Charlie's POV

Meghan pushed my chest slightly..what?! What is she doing?

"Charlie, this is not what I'm wearing if we're gonna do this"
She said while getting up

"what is it then?"


She gets up from the bed and took off her costume, underware, bra..everything. Except the cat ears

She crawled in the bed and went on top of me

She kissed me so rough.her tounge wondered inside my mouth..God wish I could do this to her forever

I took off my pants and my underware..I grabbed a condom on my wallet

I sit up straight, putted it on and meghan went on top of me

(Guys use your imagination!! ;)

I rolled, so im now on top
I moved slowly while kissing her

She released a moan of pleasure
I just kept on rubbing my.. On her

I went faster she moaned louder and louder..her moan Is like a sound of choir to my ears!!

"oh yeah!! Ahh!!Ahh!!Fuck me just like that!!Ahh!! Faster Charlie"
She just moaned and moaned, louder and louder

I moaned..

I went faster and faster until I stopped. I rolled onto Meghan's side and breathed heavily

Meghan said trying to catch her breath


Guys this is a hot chapter actually I was imagining this while writing it!!
I know I'm runs in my blood

Also meghan is wearing the costume that's in the picture
Except she's wearing a cat ears on this chapter

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