Thank you for being there, it means alot

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[ This story is based on me, and how people around me make me happier and in turn a better person]

I look out the window now the sun sparkling in the sky , I  just smiled looking upon the road below me, I used to moan at the sun, and never smile.

Now I sit there, out in the sun, talking to people who have changed me from being my plain, boring self, I once was.

My friends respect me for who I am and what I like, and how weird i can be. These people make me feel like I'm less alone.

They should get medals for what they do, If i got my own island, I'd get my friends from all round the world, On that one island.

Most my friends have helped me with a lot of my personal problems, and ones I probably couldn't of ever done on my own.

I'm not writing an actual story its more like a statment i needed to get off my chest.

Many people know my weirdness, I'm bullied at school for it even in my own neighbourhood.

But my friends help me through all that, so I learn to ignore most the bad things people say.

I may still go to school and come back in a bad mood. But I know i can talk to people about it, and talk to similar people around me, that have been through the same thing.

[[ It's a shortish statement, But I REALLY REALLY DO MEAN IT,  you guys have changed my life for the better]]

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