~Chapter 1~

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°Lachlan's pov°
I run down the cracked pavement, short breaths escaping my lips as I sprint down the sidewalk. I hastily reach my hand into my pocket, fumbling around for my phone. The moment I get it out I switch it on, glancing down at the time.


Oh god, I'm so gonna be late!

Mitch is gonna kill me, I promised not to be late!

I take a turn beside a red light, grabbing the street sign as I swing around and continue running down the path. I stay towards the inside of the sidewalk, watching enviously as multiple cars speed past.

You see; I would've been at his place earlier, but Jay wanted to go have lunch since he's in town as well.

Convenient timing, Jay.

So we talked for a longer than I should've, if I wanted to get here on time.

Which I do-

Did. Did want to get here on time.

The only reason I left there when I did is because Preston called me about 20 times in less than a minute. How does one manage such a thing you may ask?

I will never know, it's Preston.

I check the time again, I'm basically panicking at this point. 2:55. I break off onto another road, looking at the numbers on various mailboxes as I pass by.

It takes about 3 minutes to drive from here to his house, and I've never tried running to his house from here. But I know that from my hotel it's about 20 minutes.

The place I'm running to is one of my best friend's houses. Mitch Hughes, is his name, he turned 21 a few days ago. I can never usually come, due to living so far away and being busy, but this year, I promised I would come. Not to mention, I said I would be on time, maybe even early.

Wasn't that a white lie?

I turn once more, nearly losing my footing before I notice I'm near his street. My hoodie was making me a bit sweaty me, but I definitely wasn't taking it off. It's far too cold here during March. You'd think since he lives in Florida, that it wouldn't be as bad.

It is so fudging freezing down here right now, it literally feels like I'm visiting Canada again. I sincerely regret not bringing my winter coat.

Why, Lachlan, Why did you not bring that.

I checked the time again, nearly dropping my phone from my stiff fingers. 2:59. I start to run, almost trying to cheat time, so I can spare a few seconds to get to his house.

I can see his house, less than 100 feet away. But I know I won't make it there on the dot. I sigh in defeat and slow down, but I start running again, nearly faster than before.

What am I doing- I still have to get there!

I make it to the porch step and instantly knock on the door. Preston appears in front of me when the door opens, welcoming me with a wide smile.

"Hey dude!" He chirps. "Is that the pizza guy?" I hear a familiar british accent ask. "Uh- Yes." I say, trying to sound American, but failing miserably. "Lachlan!" I hear multiple voices shout, and I'm immediately pulled inside and the door shuts.

"Well hello to you guys too." I manage to mutter while I'm caught in a strangling hug. I guess Rob noticed my discomfort, sending me a wink. "Guys, you're killin' him. Five guys against one in the center can't be fun." He says, a small snicker leaving his lips.

The others let go, but I still feel a pair of arms around my waist. I look behind me to see a tiny indian boy staring up at me. "Oi, Vikk! How long has it been!" I say while he grins up at me. I haven't seen the guy in what seems like years.

"A month." He says, barely audible with his face buried in my hoodie. I laugh, "At Least we're seeing each other now, am I right?" I smile, patting his head playfully as I looked down at him. Once he releases his grip to glare at me, a deep voice comes from behind making me jump in surprise.

"I'm surprised," I hear a few feet away. Ah, knew this was coming. "You were on time. Glad you could make it, jag." Mitch said, a smirk appearing on his face.

Vikk steps back a bit before I'm embraced in a hug with Mitch. The wind is knocked out of me, and I feel his arms crushing me. "Mitch?" I manage to squeak, but I don't think he heard me.

Jerome chuckles at my attempt before grabbing his attention himself.

"Mitch, you're killing him." Jerome says while laughing, earning a grateful yet pained look from me.

Mitch loosens his grip and I take a gasp of air, Mitch snickering at my actions.

Jesus, I know he goes to the gym, but like Jerome said, he was literally killing me.

"Guys! We need to start the movie!" Preston whined flailing his arms around with the remote in hand. We all laughed to ourselves and began taking our seats in the living room.

This is gonna be interesting.

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