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After getting out of the shower and dragging Lizzy out of her mess, we headed down to the pack kitchen, totally forgetting about Alpha Blaze's arrival. The smell of eggs and bacon wafted through the air, causing my feet to move on its own at lightning speed towards the lovely smell's source.

"Arg, god damnit, wait up Aurora! I swear your feet are a mind of their own when it comes to locating food," Lizzy mutters, trying to catch up to me.

"Babe, when it comes to food, nothing matters, only the food." I say in a hurry as I finally make it to the kitchen. I grab a plate, pass it to Lizzy and grab my own, we sit down comfortably. The pack kitchen is fairly large, with a huge circular table for everyone to sit at, behind the table was humongous kitchen that is literally every chef's dream. It was always filled with the state of the art appliances.

Our pack chef walks over to us, with a plate of delicious sizzling golden brown bacon, I scooched further into my chair, clutching my knife and fork anticipating the meaty goodness.

Lizzy just laughed, showing off her perfect white teeth. I laugh along with her, as the chef, Anna, handed out the bacon. She poured some fresh squeezed orange juice and then turned and left for the kitchen. After what seemed forever, we finally stopped laughing and decided to actually eat what we had been craving for so long. 

We ate in silence, mainly because we were to focused on our bacon to worry about anything else. My molars ripped apart to juicy meat, the flavor tantalizing my taste buds and releasing dopamine all over.

Suddenly a voice resonate throughout my skull, and I hard my father's voice in his firm alpha voice,"All  pack members report to the assembly room, I repeat all pack members report to to the assembly room". I pale for a moment, why doe she want us there? I look over to Lizzy who also is deathly pale, the last time we had a serious congregation there my mothe- that was besides the point.

Then it hits me. Alpha Blaze. How could I be so foolish to forget about him, I face palm my self and signal Lizzy to join me to the assembly hall.

We finally reach there after ten minutes, given that it is across the entire territory. We quietly step into the huge room and hope no one notices us, because apparently it turns out we were late. Well, that didn't workout so well.  Dad made this rule that I need to be on the stage because I am an alpha descendant. Cue embarrassment. On the stage stood my brother, Daniel, standing in the back looking nervous as ever. In front of him, was my father who was glaring at me fiercely behind the microphone. Next to my father was Alpha Blaze, in all his glory. I froze, my eyes refusing to move away from his body, my wolf called out to him, wanting him to embrace us, to make us feel like we're the only girl in the world

. And then I knew, he's my mate. But like hell, I don't need a mate, and at least not a savage mate like him.

God, there is no way in hell this will sit well with my father. I notice Alpha Blaze also has my gaze, staring at me, looking me up and down slowly, licking his lips, his sharp teeth coming out ever so slightly. I notice how eyes turn black before he makes small fists and look away, clenching his jaw. My wolf lets out a cry at this action, does he not want us? Just because I don't need him, doesn't mean he doesn't need me. I force myself to move on and tear my gaze away from him. 

Lizzy quickly shuffles to an open seat in the back as I awkwardly stumble onto to stage, under everyone's eyes, but I didn't care about their stares. All I cared about was him.

My father then starts. He clears his throat in the microphone and begins:

"A lot of you may now by now, as word travels as quick as light, Alpha Blaze from the Dark Energy Pack has payed us a visit. His visit is due to the fact that three of his best fighters were injured yesterday, and lost their lives. It has taken years for them to reach their potential, and now it has gone to waste, their pack and family mourns, and Alpha Blaze is here to make the person who committed such an awful deed, will pay for it. You will be taken into his custody and live the remainder of your life their in compensation, but do not worry if you know you didn't do it, nothing bad will happen."

After saying that, the crowd immediately launched into s a slow solemn clap for my father. Alpha Blaze then shifted the microphone over to his mouth, and then he started talking. His voice was like silk, deep and beautiful and rich. I wanted that voice to moan my name over and over again.

"Hello, Midnight Blue pack, I am happy to inform you that I intact have already located your killer," my breath hitched, I closed my eyes, panic seizing me like I was the last 50% off dress on black Friday. Alpha Blaze tired his neck around and briefly gave me a quick smirk before continuing,"and they will be taken to my pack tonight, so you ave nothing to worry about."

My blood was ice, frozen, and cold, just like the hell I was going to tonight:

Alpha Blaze's Pack

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