Chapter Thirty One

"Its already past your curfew wife. did you had fun on your way home?" Lance hissed in my ear.

i smirked and whispered back.

"Yes i did. why? hindi ka ba nagenjoy sa OVERTIME mo? btw Nice overtime. you got me there." kumawala na ko sa kanya. saka naglakad papunta sa hagdan. di pa nga ako nakakaakyat ng isa hinila na ko saka hinawakan sa braso.

"And why are you with that Madrid guy!" he said with gritted teeth.

"I told you i'm out for dinner with a friend. eh ikaw? kelan ka pa nagkaoffice sa Antipolo?" i said sarcastically.

"A friend? you consider that asshole a friend? he cant even acknowledge your marriage? are you shitting me?" he said with gritted teeth.

"he doesnt have to acknowledge that. its not his vows to begin with!" i retorted

"shit! ano nanaman ba to Venice? Ha?" sumigaw na sya. tinitigan ko lang sya saka ngumiti.

"You tell me Lawrence! anu nanaman to? do you really need to lie to be with her?" i said with hurt in my voice. nagbago naman yung expression ng mukha nya. dahan dahan kong inalis yung braso ko sa pagkakahawak nya.

"Ven-" he' about to say something when i cut him in.

"Lets stop this Lawrence. niloloko lang natin yung sarili natin. we can't fix this marriage anymore. sira na to. trying to fix this would only left us devastated and broken. ayoko na." i said softly.

"But Ven! she's just a friend! hindi ko sinabi sayo kasi alam kong magseselos ka." he explained but i just shook my head and raised my hand to stop him.

"ganun ba ko kababaw? hindi ba kita maiintindihan? dont put it on me Lance. hindi ako ang nagsinungaling. ikaw. and you know we're still trying to fix things up. why do you need to lie again? you know how we ended up before. and now this?! ayoko na Lawrence. nagsasawa na ko. hindi ko na alam yung totoo sa sasabihin mo. lets live our own life from now on. 3months nalang naman. one year na. lets stick to our deal and get an annulment after that." i said softly and left him there.


Lance's POV

"3 months nalang naman. One year na. Lets stick to our deal and get an annulment after that." i watched venice as she walked away.

nanghihinang napaupo nalang ako sa baitang na hagdanan. i buried my face in my hand and tried so hard not to cry. i've been crying since she came back. and i'm getting tired too.

simula nung nakilala ko si Venice. wala naman na kong ginawa kundi habulin sya, umiyak saka magmakaawa na wag nya kong iwan. wala na kong pride dahil sa kanya. dahil mas mahal ko sya kesa sa pride ko. and what the heck. isang kasinungalingan lang lahat ng ginawa ko wala nanaman? kakalimutan nanaman nya na parang di nangyari?

what is it that i can do to make her stay forever here? and why the heck is it so easy for her to leave me like this? why is it so easy for her to have an annulment when i cant even say the word? god knows how much i tried, showing her, telling her. proving her how much i love her and yet. it was never enough. no, its not always enough. and will never be enough for her

maybe she's right. trying to fix this would only left us devastated and broken. yeah. maybe its best if we should stop this shit and go on.

yeah we need to move on now.

kinuha ko sa bulsa ko yung iphone ko saka nagdial ng numero. after ilang rings sinagot naman nya.

"Meet me at Embassy. drinks are all on me."


"Wazzup brother?" Steven tapped my shoulder and smile "bigla ka nalang tumawag. buti nalang nandito lang ako sa paligid. whats cooking?" i smiled and him and punched his chest lightly.

"i'm celebrating!" tinaas ko yung baso sa harap nya saka inubos yung laman. "i'll be getting an annulment 3 months from now. isnt that great?" he frowned and i smiled at him.

"Are you okay Brother?" he said worriedly.

"of course. bakit naman hindi ako magiging okay? balik sa dating gawi. more women. more party nights. what more can i ask for?" i smiled at him widely and spotted a babe going towards me.

"Lance-" Steven about to say something when the babe interupted him.

"Hi Lance. its been a while since i last saw you here. i miss you Lover Boy." she kissed me torridly which i gladly answered.

"I'll catch up with you later buddy." i said between our kisses.


Steven's POV

"i'll catch up with you later Buddy." Lance murmured and continued kissing the babe infront of him. i shook my head and start mingling with the other babes in the house. i know Lance have a problem with Ven. maybe this is his way to vent out the pain.

i sat in one of the table when sophie sat astride in my lap.

"Hello Devil. nice seeing you here." she whispered a few inches on my lips and kissed me torridly.

this is what i love about disco babes. they're always the ones who approach us. not the other way around.

"Hello Babe. you spotted me." i smiled at her and kissed her neck. this is no new to me. making out in public places. i always do this. except with HER.

"you missed me." she said softly and pulled my face to her very very delicious breast. i licked it, sucked it and my hand slowly made its way on her thong. good thing we're in a dark corner so nobody would notice. i start finger fucking her.

"More Fingers please" she whispered and licked my neck.

i entered three fingers and massage it slowly. she moaned in delight and started giving me lovebites. i was about to remove her bra when i spotted somebody.

napatayo agad ako. i carefully put the babe on the sofa and made my way to her.

"What the hell are you doing here Alexis!"


Venice's POV

"Can you fetch Lance here Ven. he's drunk." Steven said on the other line.

"i'll ask manong to fetch him." i said and hanged up. i dont wanna see Lance yet. hindi na maalis sa isip ko na nagsinungaling nanaman sya. yeah, it maybe a white lie but its still a lie. i dont wanna live with lies again.

when i dont even know whats real with our past..

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