Chap. 2

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Blake's POV

“Drive faster” Amanda said, slipping on her sunglasses. She smiled at me. “You drive like a turtle.”

“It’s better to drive slow than to get in an accident” I said, stopping at a yellow light.

“You’re going to kill us by going to slow.”

I ignored her and checked my phone.

“Where are we going anyways?”

I sighed. “Your kid is at the doctor, remember?”

Amanda shrugged. “He’s not my kid. He belongs to my mother. She has legal custody.”

“You gave birth to him, he’s your kid” I said, stepping on the gas as the light turned green.

“I don’t wanna go, I’m tired. I had a long day.”

I sighed. “You didn’t do anything.”

She slapped my arm. “I did too. You don’t know my life Blake.”

“Yeah, you sit on my couch and eat my food. What a rough life.”

She rolled her eyes. “It’s our house, and no I didn’t.”

“I pay for it, it’s my house. And what did you do then?”

“I went job hunting again. It was another unsuccessful run, but I did go look.”

I nodded. “That’s progress. I’m impressed.”

She looked at her phone. “Max texted me.”

“Ignore him. He got you pregnant and ditched, remember” I reminded her, pulling into Starbucks.

“Want anything” I asked, pulling up to the drive-thru box.

She shook her head. “I’m trying to lose weight, remember?”

I rolled my eyes. She dieted every other week, and it still didn’t do anything for her.

“One grande Caramel Macchiato” I said, pulling out my credit card.

“Proceed to the next window” the voice said.

I drove through and paid for my coffee. They handed it to me, and I took a sip. It burnt my tongue, but still tasted good.

“What if I just didn’t eat? Would I lose weight like that” Amanda asked.

“That’s extremely unhealthy. Your body would eat muscle before it ate fat.”

“But I’d still lose weight?”

“Well, yeah, but-”

“Good” Amanda said, cutting me off.

I sighed, it wasn’t worth arguing with her. “So are we going to see your son or not?”

Amanda shook her head. “He’s not my kid.”

I shook my head. “Whatever.”

We rode in silence, music blasting.

“So I was thinking” Amanda said, after a few minutes of texting.

“Oh Lord” I muttered, shifting lanes.

“Maybe Max and I should start dating again?”

“What” I shouted, in disbelief.

“I mean, he’s really nice. And he apologized. And-”

“Manda, he got you pregnant and then left you stranded” I said, trying to control my temper.

“Not really stranded” Amanda said.

“He left you with no place to go. Call it what you want, but I call it stranded.”

She was silent. “It was just an idea.”

“Yeah, a really bad one.”

She screamed. “Blake, slow the f*ck down.”

I looked at my speed, it was almost going 60 on a 45 MPH road.

She screamed again, and I jerked my head up as we collided with another car.

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