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yesterday was a complete disaster. none stop mom talk more like scream... kassie is gonna pay for this. i walked into school looking ugly as ever with sweat pants and a neon pink nike hoodie with a messy bun. i looked just awful.

"maya-aaaaaa..." the pitch lowered in kassie's voice as she stepped up to me. i swooped around.
" i hate you , ya know." i walked away with her on my heels

"i'm sorry .! you should be proud that the nash grier asked you out!"

"i'm in the ninth grade, he's a senior and he did it for hayes and the "the" wasn't necessary, he's just a guy."

"someone woked up on the wrong side of the bed this morning..." she grunted. i rolled my eyes and kept walking.

i took my usual seat in the back corner as kassie departed to her boyfriend and his crew. i laid my head down, not wanting to be bothered but I guess that didn't mean much to people. here comes hayes grier, the one and only, here to aggravate the living heck out of me.

"maya, you look nice today." he spoke, sliding into his seat.

"i'm in sweats and a hoodie. i look like eddie murphy on crack." i sighed emotionless as i flipped my head from his sight.

"the game's tomorrow. are you coming?" he asked, ignoring my remark.

"i don't know, maybe, i guess." why was he so worried? why was i so nervous. i mean, i was definitely coming; i wouldn't miss it for the world. it was homecoming, nothing is better than homecoming.

"what about the party? my brother is throwing the biggest one avondale has ever seen!"

i shrugged. "party's aren't really my thing but i don-"

"she will definitely be there!" someone enthused.

i raised my head, snapping towards the voice. "cool, see ya there." he left, joining shawn, matt, aaron and the others.

"kassie, what the -"

"the living crap am i doing? i'm helping you miss. mckay." the voice was deep and manly, not at all sounding like a 15 year old teen. 

"kaa-siee?" gabriel laceup, the cute, "innocent" guy, popular but not to fawn of it, super duper fine and not aware, this is the somebody you can put the "the" on because he was the gabriel laceup and he was talking to me, meeee. 

"gabriel..." i was speechless, internally confused, what else can describe my lost of words. 

"nash invited you right?" he smirked as he looked me down with his big, brown eyes.

"yep, yeah, uhhh...." this is so awkward... 

"i never heard of anyone letting down the biggest party in avondale, especially not a freshman." he chuckled adorably. why was he so attractive? whyyyyyyy?

"i mean, i was thinking about it ya know." i was still stuttering like an idiot, yep that's me.

"you should go. i mean, i'm pretty sure hayes would like that." he pointed over to him. 

"i just might..." i trailed off. was i really going through this? first of all, i'm super awkward (obviously) and i've never quite been to a party unless it was one at chuck e cheese so if that counts then sure.

"great, hope to see ya tonight." he walked out of the room. he's a junior, he's not even in our class. i'm so confused. wait the party is todayyyyy?! i slammed my head on the desk.

the bell rung just as my death sentencer, miss. hukanimure, strolled in. the death of me.....

A/N: sorry for very short and boring chapters and very long updates. the next one will be long and entertaining i promise

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