2. Mindless

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November 10, only 1 week was left for the big final presentation of the play, and 1 month was left for Aby's party, I was not sure if I really wanted to go.

On the last rehearsal, I need to admit I was quite nervous, but I was having a great time with my friends. I heard that someone screamed my name, so when I turned to see who... there he was, as handsome as always, I was in love with Fred since I was on the 1st grade, I was charmed by his smile.

- Okay guys! we just finished with the last rehearsal before the play! every thing is ready for that great day, music, costumes, scenery and so on. next Friday you need to be here at 7:30 am so we can start with the first show at 8:00 am ok? You can go now! have a nice week end! -when Miss Christy finished with her speech, I took my school bag and ran to the main entrance, I was hoping mom to picking me up early that day, but she didn't, so I walked to where Fred and all his other populars friends where talking and joking about anything, like sports, new video games and sometimes even girls.

- Hey guys! What's up! -

- Hey Evanna! Come here with us! We are talking about: Who do you think is the most bitch in the class? Haha! You already got 2 votes; Jason and Charlie -

- No, you're wrong Peter; she have 3 votes now, me, Jason and Charlie -  I was completely freaked out of what David said.

- You are such an idiots... ALL OF YOU! -

- Oh come on Eva! we are just joking! -  But Jason's face wasn't of a joke, I don't like them at all, but they were Fred's friends,  if I wanted to be the girlfriend of the most handsome boy in the school, I had no choice.

- I told not to call me like that Jason! My name is Evanna! and I like it just like that! I don't need nicknames! you hear me! - I was staring at him, I never felt so insulted and so angry, but suddenly i felt like my eyes were burning, and my head was about to explode, all I could hear was many voices from men, women, and children in my head, all of the were crying and screaming like if some crazy guy was torturing them.

- PLEASE STOP! - I was in Hell itself, I was screaming and begging them to shut up, holding my ears. All I can hardly hear were the screams of the other guys; "Evanna?! hey! what's wrong! Wake up! can you hear me?!" 

Then, I started to feel the cold floor on my back, but then, new screams were starting to fill my head "Jason!!?? Jason!! what is it!! Jason! someone call the Principal!! now!!! Jason!!. I had no idea of what was happening out there, but I could see inside my head Jason twisting like a worm with salt and screaming with his eyes live red, it was the most freaking thing I'd seen.

Still on the floor I turned my head, and what I was fearing was happening, the same thing I saw in my head, was really happening to him. On that moment there where no more screaming people, but all I could hear was the Principal asking what was happening, " It was that freak's fault! We don't know what she did to him, BUT WE ARE SURE SHE DID IT!"  a voice said, and all I could see.. was his or her finger pointing at me.

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