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We all stood outside the Manor and watched as the lights flickered off in the now deserted city. Thinking about it though, it's not exactly deserted because Trichloris and the other archwizards are still there, waiting for us.

The mayor had initially refused to evacuate the people but after a lot of persistence and a little magic demonstration, he finally agreed and came up with a 'Poisonous gas leak' story that got the people to leave- I still don't understand how the masses fall for that story every time?

"All done", said Denise, all smiling as she joined us outside, "I've also locked down the subway station and the airport, nothing and no one can get in the way now".

"Thank you", replied Oliver before turning to the others. "It's time to finish what we started", he said.

Some people mounted the lightening-speed horses while others took the flying brooms, we had them all brought to the Estate earlier in the day for this moment. Oliver was about to go join the others when I pulled him back.

"Any last minute advice?", I asked him, desperately hoping that he has something to say 'cause God knows I need it.

"Do you want your father or the warwizard to speak to you?", he asked in return.

"Actually, the both of them working together will be nice", I replied with what can be termed as a childish smile.

"Alright then", he replied as he moved closer and looked straight into my eyes, "This battle is all about the outcome of your fight with Trichloris but no pressure because we're all here to help you and give our lives for this cause if need be. You just concentrate on saving the world, we'll concentrate on helping you achieve it". With that, he kissed my forehead and left without waiting for my response- Good as anything, don't you think?

He was right though, the whole world is depending on me. It's no secret that we only have one shot at this which means I have to end everything tonight, one way or another.

"Do you feel him anywhere?", I asked David who was searching with me. It has been agreed that David and I locate Trichloris but I can't even feel his aura anywhere. There was a lot of power aura around, seeing that there's about a thousand archwizards in the city, not to talk about the numerous powerful wizards on our side but there's a certain uniqueness in Trichloris' aura that I can never miss which made me realize that he's nowhere near.

"I still can't locate him too", replied David up ahead, "But I'm getting something strong not far from here". We maneuvered the streets that now looked like some sort of maze now that nobody is around, nobody normal, I mean. We turned the corner and entered another street only to run into about eight archwizards.

I was ready to face them with David only for him to push me behind. "We can't let them know how powerful you are or they might relay it to Trichloris and we'll lose the element of surprise", he whispered to me and I had to agree that he has a valid point- Surprising Trichloris is really top of my agenda, believe me.

"Hello gentlemen", he said as he walked towards them but stopped when they got their magic on the ready, "You don't happen to know where your leader, Trichloris, is, do you?"

"Even if we know, we wouldn't tell you", replied one of the men.

"Just as I expected", replied David as he conjured up a black light in his hand. Suddenly, he bent down and I sent a wave of grey light at the archwizards. They had been so focused on David that they could only remain stunned as the Paralysis spell I casted hit them.

"You were able to read my thought in the nick of time", he said as he turned to look at me with an impressed expression on his face.

"It would have been actually better if you had told me what you were planning. I'm still getting used to this power, you know?", I replied with a pout but deep down, I was really thrilled. Mind reading and large scale spells are few of the things I can do with the Power of the ancients I mastered- Cool, huh?

Unfortunately, our party got cut short as more of the archwizards arrived. "You need to get moving", said David, "I have a feeling that Trichloris is using this to distract and stall you".

"But I can't leave you behind", I said as I eyed the incoming wizards, they were more than twice the number of the paralyzed wizards.

"I'd be more worried about them than I if I were you", he replied and I saw something dark and dangerous flicker in his eyes- Poor guys, they have no idea of the mess they just got themselves into.

"Just don't hurt or kill them", I pleaded.

"I'll try my best not to kill them", he replied, "Hurting them, on the other hand, is inevitable". There was nothing more I could do for both him and them so I ran the other way and continued my search for Trichloris.

Unfortunately, anytime I turn a corner, there's always an army of archwizards waiting for me and I not wanting to hurt or waste my time with them had to keep running the other way. It was about to start becoming infuriating when balls of fire came flying out of nowhere and the archwizards had to run away. I looked up to see a certain normal Dragon lady and her green Dragon flying overhead- For a normal, that girl has really gotten the hang of all these Dragon stuffs, don't you think?

"Need a ride?", asked Denise as she landed her Dragon next to me.

"You are a lifesaver, believe me", I replied, helping myself onto the back of the Dragon.

"I think I might have found your friend", she said as we rose up into the sky and flew away. I was about to ask how she had managed to do so when she brought out a tablet from a bag she strapped to one of the dragon's horns and began to speed tap it- How could I have forgotten? She's a computer 'expert'.

"Fifteen archwizards are guarding the building", she said as she pointed at the building that darn wizard's hiding in, "Do you want me to take care of them?"

"No", I replied, "I'll do this my own way".

"Alrighty then", she said when I told her to stop the Dragon far from the building so that we won't get discovered, "Good luck, Troy".

"You too", I replied before I jumped off the Dragon and transformed into a blazing red flame, whizzing past the archwizards before they could even register my presence. I crashed in through the window and returned to human form as I landed on the floor.

I looked up to see a surprised Trichloris, he so wasn't expecting what had just happened, which is exactly what I wanted. "Hello Brian", I said, giving him the same 'I'm all powerful' smile he had always given me in times past, "I think it's about time you finally met your match".

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