Chapter Fourteen

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"What?" Lottie asked, her heart full of pride at his grand speech.

"Zaid and you," she whispered. "You do know, he made up a job, just to keep you around. He never needed a social secretary." All colour drained from her face.

"Sorry? What do you mean?" Her eyes fell onto him as he finished up his speech.

"Come on, look at your resume. You don't have the qualifications to be working at his side."

"He hired me over four years ago. I never left his side, he relied on me."

"The clue. Never leaves his side."

Lottie turned to her searching. There was no malice in her voice and looked so...friendly. "What are you saying, I'm not good enough to be at his side?"

Christine shook her head. "No, he wants you, only you. It's in his eyes there is no-one else."

"So he made up a job, just for me, is what your saying," she whispered, "even from day one?" He never gave her a side project. He asked, she did. In other words, she really wasn't a help, in the real sense. Someone who wasn't indispensable to shake her head. That didn't make sense

Why would he keep her around? Not once in four years had he made a move on her, until Melbourne, when she threatened to leave. Had he only kept her around, because he had desires on her, not because she had skills to offer him. She looked across to the man, the prince, third in line to realise she had always had wanted him too. The only reason she had stayed. She would only be a burden to him. No help at all. It was time to leave.

She smiled at Christine. "Could be right. Can you hold the fort? Need to powder my nose, so to speak." She turned around, and walked away. She couldn't stay here to race out of the hotel to find a taxi back to the palace to gather her belongings, what she had come with all those years ago, and her passport to book a hotel near the airport, until she could get a flight back to Melbourne.

Shattered, she sat on the bed, holding her arms to stop from shaking. What was she doing? Was it that important? Now in two minds, and too late to undo what she had done, hanging her head as the tears flowed. She had made the worst mistake of her life.

A sharp knock on her door had her staring at it, knowing deep in her heart who it was. "Open it up Charlotte, I know you're in there, and I'm not going away."

Pressing her hands in her stomach, she took a deep breath, then went to answer the door, opening it to have Zaid storming in. She closed the door to turn, and leaned against the door for support. Zaid swung around furious. She had never seen him so angry. "Aren't you supposed to be at the dinner? What would your father say?" she asked in horror. Dark and unforgiving eyes burned into her, breaking her heart.

"You were leaving me, without a word?" he asked softly, in a deadly soft tone that sent a shiver down her spine. He stormed over placing his hand near her head, towering over her, making her cringe back at his dark deadly gaze. "I told you I would never let you go," he hissed.

Her chin began to tremble. "Why? I'm of no importance to you. You made up a job for me. You don't need me," she cried out in pain.

"No importance! Don't need you! Who fed you this garbage?" He swore under his breath at the fear in her eyes at his yelling to cradle her face in his hands, and lowered his head to kiss her with such gentleness, it took her breath away. His body pressed her into the door to melt in his arms. "You're the most important person in my life," he whispered against her lips. "Yes, I made up the job for you to keep you at my side. Is that so bad?" he asked, kissing her cheek.

"Why?" she breathed. "I just don't understand why you would," she came back softly, her arms creeping around his neck, just to hold herself up as he kissed her neck, arching back at his touch to sigh his name.

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