Chapter Thirteen

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Lottie laid in his arms, so contented, and have learnt to share a bed. She run finger over his rippling pecs. "So what did you want to talk about?"

"I need to understand, what I did to have you close me out."

Her fingers stilled to splay across, and leaned in to kiss his chest. "As we got closer to the palace, you got distant. I know what we shared on the yacht was it. I wasn't going to embarrass you. I still needed to feel I meant something, then you closed down."

He released a long breath. "I knew once we got back things would change."

"I know that, but you wouldn't even let me sit next to you on the plane, as if it was a mistake."

"What! No," he said more softly. "I should've kept my distance. Once I had you, all I wanted was more. I had to keep my distance. One touch and I was lost. I ached so badly for you, and couldn't be with you."

"So instead of telling me, I felt used. A convenience. I loved you Zaid, actually the only reason I shared your bed. The only reason."

He twisted around to look down upon her. "You love me?"

"Of course I do, always have."

A smile curled his lips. "So you won't leave me?"

She frowned, then sighed. "No."

"Good. I want you back at my side. I know we can't go back, its changed, but I need you back at my side." She nodded. "No more distance? I hate the distance between us, Charlotte." Thoughtfully she nodded. "Hey," he stroked her jaw to draw her lower gazed upwards to mesh with his. "Princess there has only been you for the last four years. Why do you think I took you to all the functions. Why were you always at my side, because I wanted it that way. Charlotte, you mean the world to me."

"I do,' she breathed.

"You do. Now we have a hospital to build. I want your input. Interior. Everything would have to be passed by me. You have great ideas. My social calendar would need to be cut back to concentrate on the hospital. We would need to dine and dance a few people, so need to concentrate on that, and functions at the palace of course. Are you up for it?"

She paused with thought. Was she? He did say she was answerable to him, only him. "Let me try, and if I'm not up to scratch, then get in who you need, and I'd go back to the two year old job."

"Charlotte," he growled. "You're good what you do, so believe in yourself. Do you want to just concentrate on the hospital, and connected events?"

"Could I? I'm not good at multi-tasking. I could do that, and would love to. Do I still get a desk in your office?"

"Of course."

"Can I stay here tonight?" he rolled over her, smiling.

"I think so, if we keep it between us."

"So business in public. In private go for it."

"Charlotte," he gasped to have laughing to throw her arms around his neck, and pulled him to her. Happily he obliged.

Before they parted early the next morning, Zaid drew Charlotte back to his side. "Charlotte."

"I know," she sighed. "We have to keep our distance, protocol."

"For now, and more than protocol, my love. Last night can't happen again." Pain flickered through her eyes. "Don't think, I don't want you I do, but not possible here. Away, and the yacht is different. These walls do have ears and eyes. We don't want to upset father."

"Of course not, baby." Not one wince to kiss him, tapping his chest with a finger. "You prince, me obedient servant." She stepped closer. "Make sure you don't."

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