According to Plan

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Chapter 49

According to plan

Madison p.o.v

I skipped around my house in my new baby doll dress.

I walked in to the kitchen and taking a seat on a stole next to my dad while my mother cooked.

My dad spared me a glance from reading his book.

" I know I thought you better then that child ! Say good afternoon to your parents when you walk in , " my mother said not turning away from the stove.

"Good afternoon Mother and Father," I said all full of cheer!

" Better," she said.

" Where are you going ?" My dad wondered finally putting his book down and took notice of what I was wearing.

" No where , yet . Just thought I'd look good just in case someone calls me to go out I can already be set and done ," I smiled.

" Go freaking change now , that dress to short and one size too small ! Your boobs are busting out !"

"I agree," my mother added.

I rolled my eyes at them, I don't know why they was tripping. I looked good.

"No, I think I look good ," I argued.

" You think you'd look good if I gave you two black eyes ?" My dad said looking at me like I losted it.

" Boys like when you show a little somethin , tell him mum ," I argued.

" I ain't on your side Madison , find another backup plan ," she said chuckling a little as she stirred something in the pot.

"My rass , bout show a little something ! You can't put your mum in it cause she married ! And you young and my daughter at that bet not try to impress no bwoy ! Di blood clot di matter with you ! Go put some blood clot clothes on before I fly kick your face in ," my dad yelled and I flew out my seat and out the kitchen.

" What di matter with your daughter ," I heard him shout as I ran up the stairs.

See this is why I used to hid clothes in my back pack.

He act like me wearing tights , leather , short stuff or things that exposed a little cleavage was the end of the world cause I was wearing it.

I changed in to sweats and a black tank top , I was not going to be wearing any type of halter tops around my dad because he doesn't know about my belly piercing and I was not trying to die any time soon.

Cynthia walked in to my room and jumped on to my bed.

"Get the fuck out little girl."

"You swore !" She gasped.

"Oh I hadn't notice," I said filled with sarcasm ," now get the fuck out."

" Why can't you be like my friend Amy sister ," she pouted ," She plays with me."

" Okay I'll play with you sis , the game is called get out my room now before I throw a heel at your head you little midget ," I said picking up one of my heels off the floor.

She ran out my room crying.

I rolled my eyes dropping the heel.

Annoying little sisters .

My phone rang and I jumped on to my bed picking it up.

I smiled seeing Monica's name and answered.

" Hello gyal ."

"How's it going Madison !"

" Good , I miss London and all mi friends there !"

" We miss you too."

" So what ya want calling me child ?" I questioned her.

" How's my boo Enrique doing?" She asked.

I laughed knowing she had called for him.

" He's peachy , just sulking around because his girlfriend dumped him."

" Those that mean our plan worked!" She cheered.

" Of course everything went according to plan ! " I told her.

She cheered loudly making me move the phone away from my ear and roll my eyes.

She doubted my plan wouldn't work.

" Yeah , they been over for like a month now ! He can't find her anywhere she totally disappeared and I didn't have to touch her ," I laughed.

" Madison ! Now you tell me this ! I could have been back with your brother already !" She yelled.

" Well sorry , you have time still ! He single !"

" Madison I love you for this !" Monica squealed.

" How are you planning to make this long distance relationship work ?" I asked.

" Oh I forgot to tell you , I'm coming down there in two weeks !"

I clapped and jumped up and down on my bed !

" awesome !"

"Yeah I know ! Well I have to go Andre is getting mad I'm using his phone to long . Bye Madison!"

"Bye Monica !"

I hung up and cheered.

I so rather Monica and Enrique back together than him with that whore Lisa.

I hate her !

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