Chapter 1 |New house new life

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Hi guys, this is my first story and I'm really excited for it. I hope you really like it with my next pay check I'm going to buy a laptop so it will be easier to write. So I won't be as quick to write updates I hope you like the first chapter the girl above is Niki. Edited

I woke up to the annoying sound if my alarm. I drag myself out of bed and onto the freezing cold floor, that always helps to get me moving.

I should explain who I am. I'm Niki Wolfe my parents died, leaving me all their money. They were multi-billionaires so we have a big house. I was also left my baby brother. He's the only family I have left.

Then I got up and ran to my bathroom to take a nice hot shower. I used my shampoo that smells like cherries. It's the only one I will use. I stumbled out of the bathroom with my make-up done and my raven black hair straightened.

I slipped on my clothes being as quiet as I possibly can. They almost fit my curves perfectly. I began hearing the cries of my little brother, Mason.

"Crap, I woke him up!" I mumble.

I ran into his room and picked him up from his crib, calming him down. Once he's all bubbly again, I packed everything we still needed to pack. Considering we're moving to California.

I was to despondent ( A/N: Despondent means sad.) I had to leave. This house has so many memories and I hate to leave them all behind.

~At the new house~

All my cars were already here when I got here. Let me just say I have a ton of them.

Anyway as I got out of the taxi, I saw a cute guy across the road from me. When I turned to walk away I could feel eyes on me.

It was as if the were trying to see straight threw me.

I turned around and saw that the guy I saw a few minutes ago was the one staring. I go up to the large iron gate and punch in the password. Then I walk up the unnecessarily long drive way. I have to get to my baby brother now, it's time for his nap. Oh yeah! I forgot, that our things are already unpacked since I hired people to do that for because, well, we are rich.


   I finally got Mason down for a nap, with much difficulty might I add. I run down stairs and by that I mean I slide down the banister. I eschew the movers and jog into my garage in my short shorts and crop top to start working on my baby. A Dodge Challenger.

As I'm working, I hear wolf whistles so I slide out from under the car. I look over at the house at the other side of the road and of course, the guy has a gang. I groan quietly. I hate gangs. I guess I'll show him not to mess with me. Seeing as I'm the best streetfighter in Los Angeles, yes, I've been here.

I only came for the street fighting gigs though.

Walking over there was so much fun! Their eyes were glued to me. As I get closer to them a blonde haired guy calls out, "What's a pretty girl like you doing fixing a car like that?"

I confidently step up to the guy and grab his collar and push him against the wall. "One that could make your worst nightmares seem pleasant after im done with you, So Do anything to me or my baby brother and I will rip your throat out and feed it to you" I whispered viciously.

With that I walked away, leaving all the boys stunned. I run up to my room, I don't even bother get changed. I plop onto my bed and let my body fill with the bliss more commonly known as sleep.

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