Ch 8: Metal and Bluebells.

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is it true y'all have a tampon tax because its a luxury item? 

if so you guys should just threaten to bleed on the street.

Periods are not a luxury people they are a necessity.

cuz thats some serious bullshit right there.


Killian POV:

She smelled of metal and bluebells, and oddly sweet sensation that could never be reproduced by a bottled perfume.

I wondered how she managed to find bluebells in the city of London and surround herself around them to obtain the fragrance. 

Her sharp eyes locked onto me over the rim of her teacup, "You're staring Mr. Blythe."

Her voice has a strange rasp to it it was almost like a silver bell until you noted the coppery sound. "My apologies Gizmo I just worry for your safety."

Those hazel eyes narrowed. "Why did you stop by this morning?"

"I told you I was worried about you dear."

She didn't believe me, she was too smart for a smile and a sweet answer, "or perhaps you were hoping to look through the damage to see what they were looking for?"

"Ah I can assure I was purely concerned for you."

"I do not have any answers for you, I did not know the Gladstone girl at anytime in my life."

Lie. Those full lips speak lies nearly as pretty as the woman who owns them.

It was no wonder that if anyone only the men here spoke fondly of Gizmo. She had an angelic face but a gaze that could rip through your very soul. 

There was something attractive about a wild woman who placed herself in a cage.

It was not difficult to be patient with her, she was intelligent and easy on a man eyes, I could keep taking her to tea for many years if it was is required to get my answers. "I think you do Gizmo, and I am clearly not the only one who thinks such, perhaps you should close shop and stay home for a while?"

"I live beneath my shop Mr. Blythe, I am never to there or has no one told you?"

I knew that I was just curious as to how secretive she truly is, "I see..still, I think you should uproot for the time being."

Her teacup settled  with a loud clank, "my shop is my home Mr. Blythe I will not evacuate for some dodgy characters."

I stared at her for a moment, pistol or not she was certainly too small to just live alone when she was in danger. "I'm not telling you to move permanently. Just until its safe."

"The world itself is unsafe Mr. Blythe but it is not something to cower from."

This woman was insane.

Or she was guarding something like a loyal dog.

She had fair reason to be cautious, her shop alone may be considered sin much less than the fact that she makes working body parts from machinery. But I doubted that was all Gizmo held behind those doors.

"Gizmo just for a few days, to put my mind at rest."

Her thin brow rose elegantly, "why would I need to put your mind at ease, you are a stranger to me."

"Because while not a gentleman I do fancy myself a good man. And I cannot just allow a woman to stay in a location that has just been broken into."

A haughty tilt of her chin.

"very well Mr. Blythe. Then I shall stay with you."

..pardon? "Ah Gizmo..that is highly inappropriate, even more so than the lack of chaperone on our outings."

Her lips curled into a tiny smile, "is that so? is there something that would further damage my reputation in your home?"


"Then perhaps it is you who wishes  to snoop in my shop next?"

Smart girl. 

I smiled, "of course not."

She hummed, "no of course not, you are a good man and a good man would never go through my knickers."

I feel as though she intentionally tries to prod at what would disturb people the most just to see what makes them tick.

She's the kind of person who would look at others as if they were clocks, as if they were objects for her to tinker with, to wind up until they break or simply cannot take it anymore and fall apart.

"I can assure you Gizmo, I need not further information on women's knickers for I have seen many."

To my surprise she looked utterly delighted, "wonderful we really must talk over the difference in anatomy on different women."

I sipped at my tea to avoid an amused smile, "that  Gizmo dear is even more inappropriate and scandalous than anything you have said yet."

"Is it? Then it must be a frightfully interesting topic."

"Is that so?"

"of course, the society and the church despises all interesting things."

"Do they now?"

She nodded, "they do, tis why I was banned from the local church when I was 12."


"yes apparently making a clock run backwards above the alter is the devils work."

I shook my head, wondering on her possible reasons to make the clock tick in a different tune.

Even if I were to ask I was nearly positive she wouldn't answer.

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