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Saying Luke was anxious was an understatement. When Monday rolled around, both Brooklyn and Luke were very excited to get to the school. Luke wanted to see more of Ashton. He finally felt like a had a friend who understood him.

"Brooklyn, let's go," Luke called from downstairs, grabbing a package of apple juice for the toddler, "We're gonna be late!" Brooklyn ran downstairs, a pink tutu with leggings and a very sparkly purple shirt on.

"Daddy," she asked, "Do I look pretty?" Luke chuckled, bending down to the night of the girl, "Very." Brooklyn squealed, Luke picking her up and setting her on his hip. He grabbed his keys and started out to the car, hoping to be able to catch a glimpse of the hazel-eyed teacher.

The two teachers had an interesting weekend. They spent the last two days taking care of Lauren's sons and daughter while she and her husband were out on a two day business meeting, Calum included in the fun.

All three boys crashed in Michael's living room Sunday night, and they had somehow missed the alarm clock. It was only when the sunlight hit Calum's eyelids, when he realized what time it was.

He grabbed a pillow from the couch and whipped around, smacking his husband and brother-in-law in the face with it. They shot their arms out and tried to yield the soft down pillows being thrown viciously at them.

"Hey! Hey, hey," Ashton yelled, swatting away a pillow, "Violence is never the answer!"

"Eh," Michael argued, "Depends on the reason." He grabbed a pillow then and threw it at Calum.

The three continued to pelt each other with pillows for the new few seconds until Calum said, "School starts at seven fifteen!" The two teachers stopped and looked at him confused.

"Yeah, so?" Michael asked, both boys not having looked at the clock yet. "It's six fifty-eight." Calum breathed. Both brother's eyes widened, their heads snapping to the clock; which, indeed, had 6:58 written in glowing red letters. The boys shot up and raced around the house, getting dressed and grabbing their things, yelling at each other.




"You two are idiots."

Michael rushed downstairs, a black leather tote on his shoulder. He placed his hand on Calum's shoulder, kissing his cheek, "But I'm your idiot." Calum rolled his eyes, a small smile playing at the end of his lips.

"Go on," he dismissed, "You'll be late for work." "What about you?" Ashton said, trotting downstairs and running around the living room. "I don't get to the station until eight. I'm good." Calum waved off.

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