Emma's Pov

Avery stopped singing, because of the food. She always does this thing where she rushes around for dinner, getting things set up. It's her only weird nervous habit, other wise she is practically perfect. My only weird habit is that I am a clean freak when it comes to my room. But that doesn't really count. Anyway, there is no way to stop Avery and believe me I've tried. You know what they say, if you can't stop them, then join. So I did.

Louis' Pov

Avery just kinda stopped singing. I opened my eyes, to find her rushing around in the kitchen part, leaving us at the table. We just kind of watched her for a minute; we were all in shock. Emma got up and started to help her? Now they were both rushing around, this had to stop. I gave Harry a look and I stopped Emma, while he went to go stop Aves.

Harry Pov

I hopped off the counter and followed Avery around and when her hands were free I spun her around. Her eyes were a tad bit watery. I brought her into a hug. Her breathing slowed. "Are you okay now?"

"Yeah I think so, I'm sorry I get emotional with that song because I am a Diana, so I rushed off because I didn't want to explain myself you know." She whispered into my shoulder, "Do you think anyone noticed my tears?"

I pulled a way and looked into her eyes, "No I think you are good. Now let's get back to the group, we don't want Nialler to get jealous, do we?"

"What?" She looked up confused.


"You said something about Niall."

"No I didn't. I don't know what you are talking about?" I chuckled and we walked back to table.

Aves POV

I sat down with a table of homemade food. Being that I only ate... well nothing today and I am starving. My tummy grumbled in agreement, "I am starving! Let's dig in." I grabbed my only slice, followed by everyone else.


We were still sitting at the table talking when I got a text from Will: Hey are you okay? I saw you on the news and was worried sick. And this might be too soon but do you want to hang out tonight?

I was flattered: Yes lol I much better now, and pick me up at 8? ;)

He responded soon with a yes.

"Aves, hello Avery," Zayn spoke as he waved his hand in front of my face.

I blinked a couple times, "Mmmmm hmmmmm?"

"You were zoned out again." Zayn said.

"Oh, sorry, what do you wear to a date that is like in an hour and a half-OH MY GOSH, I have a date in an hour and a half and I need to get ready." I got up and walked away limping, "Are you guys coming or what?" They looked at each other and headed my way. I ended up being carried up the stairs and into my room by Louis, who knew the shortest would be really strong? Lol Anywho...

I sat in a chair while Emma fixed my make up, and Harry curling my hair. Pandora was playing in the background with all the fun new pop songs.

"Why do girls have to spend so much time getting ready for a date?" Zayn asked.

"Well girls like to take their time with getting ready to look perfect. Okay your makeup is done Avery."

"Well guys like girls without make up and their hair done," Zayn said as Harry finished my last curl.

"Now to the closet!" I tried to hurry but it didn't work, and I wobbled over. I threw on a graphic tank, a komodo, jean shorts and high top Converse. Grabbing my purse, I answered Zayn's remark. "Zayn, guys do their hair for girls also. This is not that one-sided; and sometimes girls need to look good to feel good, because there are things called insecurities."

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