Chapter Fourteen

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To use as little magic as possible and to keep from Charlie from freaking out entirely about apparating to several locations,  they traveled by train once they arrived in London. From London, they would travel to France and continue on from there by several train rides. The trip itself would take over thirty hours to arrive with no magic.

Of course, when they arrived to King's Cross Station, Anora had to look around for Charlie.

"I swear, he'll never get the hang of this." she muttered to herself. It didn't take her long to spot the fiery red head among the crowds and it helped that she stood out like a sore thumb as well.

"I told you, you should have just allowed me to apparate and you could have just-" she began but Charlie silenced her with a look. 

"Let's just get to the train shall we?" 

"Lead the way." she threw her arm out and followed him with a smirk.

Charlie plopped into one of the seats of a train compartment and threw his head bag. 

"This all sounded so much easier in my head." he breathed.

Anora sat beside him as Iggy settled himself in her bag.

"Relax Charlie, it should be all smooth sailing from here on out. All you have to do is sit and enjoy the view." She leaned into him and pulled out her candy bag.

"You mean watching you gorge yourself on a huge amount of candy?"

"Or look out the window. Your choice." she shrugged.

"How much candy did you buy?"

"Let's just say enough that Honeydukes is going to be in business for a loooong time."

Eventually, Anora crashed from all the sugar and fell asleep while Iggy slept in her lap making Charlie want to fall asleep as well. But for some reason, he felt the need to be alert on the train, just in case anything should happen. To occupy his mind, he thought of the letter he was going to write his mother to explain the whole situation. Of course, she was going to be angry, there was no doubt about that.

They would express their disappointment in him, after all, he had done some great things in Hogwarts. He had become the quidditch captain and a prefect, and his mother was going to bring up the fact that he just threw it all to wind. He just knew it.

She would say that he was setting a poor example for Fred and George and even Percy, Ron and Ginny, but Charlie didn't see it that way. All his life, his parents told him that he could do whatever he wanted when he was older no matter what background he came from, rich or poor. He was told to follow his dreams and that's exactly what he was doing.

As for Anora, her parents would probably initially throw a hissy fit, send a howler or two telling her to march her way back to Hogwarts, but eventually they would give in. Her father would probably be the first to ask how she liked working at the sanctuary since he was the more laidback parent of the two.

Then he remembered the conversation he and Tonks had before they left. Tonks begged him to take care of himself, but more importantly take care of Anora. Not because she didn't care for both of them equally, but because Tonks knew Anora was more prone to getting hurt. She wasn't as careful around creatures as Charlie was. Charlie did his research beforehand while Anora liked to walk up and see what the creature had in store for her. It was either bravery or stupidity, perhaps both, but Charlie always admired her courage to just approach a creature without fear.

No matter if it had fang or claws, each animal was a teddy bear in Anora's eyes, similar to how Hagrid viewed many dangerous creatures. Yes, he was well aware that he would have to keep a close eye on Anora, because if she were to get severely hurt, he would be the one to blame. He had initiated the idea of going to Romania over the summer, although Anora wasn't very hard to convince either.

Anora was normally very easy going whenever he or Tonks suggested something, like entering the Forbidden Forest past dark.

He remembered the first time they ventured into the Forbidden Forest alone, searching the forest for Nifflers.

"Hagrid said all we had to do was carry something shiny with us and they would come to us." Charlie said carefully stepping over a large tree root. "So I- Anora?"

He spun around looking for his friend. He immediately became panicky when he didn't see her.

"Anora!" he screeched.

"Up here!"

He looked up to see Anora climbing a tree.

"What are you doing up there?! Are you crazy?!"

"First, I thought I saw a bowtruckle up here. Turns out it wasn't. And second, no I'm not crazy."

"Yes, you are, get down from there."

"No, you come up here, the view is fantastic!"

Suddenly the compartment of the train opened and an older woman walked in with a bag, settling down.

"You don't mind, do you?" she asked.

"No, not at all, please have a seat." he responded politely.

"Thank you, the other compartments are far too loud for me and I figured when I saw your girl there sleeping, it would be calm enough."

"Oh she's not-"

"She's beautiful. I love her hair. How does she get it that color?"

"'s natural." Charlie told her.

"Wow...reminds me of snow on Christmas morning." the woman chortled.

Charlie smiled as Anora stirred from the noise, but she didn't awake, she only rolled over to her other side.

"Where are you traveling to?" the woman asked in attempts to make small talk.

"Romania." Charlie said.

"Wow, you have quite the ways to go!"

"Oh I know."

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