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( Hey guys! I was able to create Priya to help you visualize her better. Of course, if you want to change her character, you're more than happy too!

I made Priya from a website called picrew.com, it's basically a place full of mini avatar creator games. The one particular game I chose to create Priya was from the creator @.ninjawhoa! So if you guys are interested go ahead and support their game and all the others on the website! :) )

*Priya's POV*

"Come on Priya we are leaving!!" Mom yells from downstairs. I bite my lip in concentration to finish tying part of my light brown hair up in a half bun, letting the rest fall down past my shoulders. Satisfied, I look at my body length mirror to see my hair and outfit. A red t-shirt tucked in my blue ripped jeans is always my go to outfit and black sneakers to top it off.

Honestly though, I don't want to leave my cozy home and go into a place I've never been to before.Well, at least I will get to see my great uncle Stan, which I call him Grunkle Stan for short, and of course my two amazing cousins, Dipper and Mabel.

The twins and I don't really live close to each other, considering they live in California and I live in Washington State. So the good news is that we can meet up in Oregon, which is where Gravity Falls is and our Grunkle Stan lives too.

Putting my phone and headphones in my pocket, I trudge down the stairs with my heavy suitcase. My parents are going to drive half way and drop me off at some bus stop that will take me straight to Gravity Falls. To be honest, I don't know why my parents could've just let me drive my own car.

I mean, I am 20 years old.

The other reason why I'm going to Gravity Falls (besides seeing my Grunkle and my two cousins) is that my parents want me to 'live on my own', or something like that. I don't know why they said that, I'm not on my own, I'm living with my uncle and my two cousins for Pete sack!

"Priya!! Priya, come on!!" My thoughts were interrupted when I heard my mom's screaming while I notice my dad snicker slightly in the corner. I roll my eyes at him as I went outside and put my suitcase into the car.

Next thing you know it, we are heading to Gravity Falls. I put on my headphones and begin to play some music, seeing all the tall, green trees pass by quickly as I begin to go into deep thought.

I feel like I had been to Gravity Falls before, I don't know it just seems like a familiar name. I feel like I know the place, but I never was there before, I couldn't put my finger on it.

*2 hours later*

We soon made it to the bus stop to see that we were just in time before the bus left for Gravity Falls. I hop out of the car and gather my belongings from the trunk of the car. I walk over to my parents and gave them a big group hug.

"I'm going to miss you guys." I tell them, a tear escaping my eye while my parents hug me back.

"Same here sweetheart. Now if anything happens, just call us." Dad says while he and mom smile warmly at me. I return the warm smile as I got onto the bus and sat at the far back, sighing deeply as I look out the window and wave at my parents retreating forms while the bus drives away.

*Another 2 hours later*

The bus soon makes it into the town of Gravity Falls as the sun was starting to set over the horizon. I smile slightly, looking at all of the people and stores and well...everything when we passed by. It may be a old town but it was pretty, with all the trees and nature, it for sure does seem peaceful here.

The bus then stops at it's destination as I grab my stuff and got out, quickly thanking the bus driver.

"Well I'm finally here. Let's get this summer started." I say to myself while smiling.

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