Chapter 6 Slender Planet

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No one knew what happend to Slenderman. People started making up rumors about what happend to him. But actually he was in space. With all of the power from the enchanted forrest, Slenderman was creating someting no misticall creature has ever thought before: creating a new planet. A planet that no other person could ever think of. A planet that no one would survive. A planet that no one would ever escape. A planet that you will always remember. Called: Slender Planet. Darkness in the skies and the horror in every corner. Slenderman was now in his world. Does his planet even have citizens to accompany him? Yes, his citizens are his duplicates. Slender Planet is full of Slendermans, but the real one holds the planet in his way.

P.S. You might say that why can't scientist find this planet. Well because it's a misticall planet no one can ever find it... no one.

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