Chapter 2: New Encounters

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(Y/n) made her way towards the first, and to her luck, favourite lesson: maths.

"I don't know how you can stand this subject (Y/n), it's so exhausting." Saki said, already yawning at the thought of doing arithmetics.

"Says the person who takes a 1 hour nap every lesson." (Y/n) bump her head to wake her from her dreamy state.

"What can I say, it's boring when Lala isn't there." During most lessons, the twins would be together and, more often than not, sit with (Y/n). But occasionally, a lesson would come along when the twins don't have the same class and they would either pay more attention or no attention at all during that time.

"Come on, I'll let you copy me again if you manage to stay awake for another 30 minutes." This deal seemed to motivate Saki to stir from her daze.

"Thank you!" She practically skipped in to class, (Y/n) grinned and nodded her head in ironic disapproval. She then accidentally bumped into Saki's back, entering the class.

"Why did you stop?" (Y/n) asked in confusion and irritation. Saki grabbed her friend's arm and dragged her to the grind along with herself. "What's wrong with you, we almost tripped the people behind us?!" (Y/n) whisper-yelled at her friend.

"Did you see them?!" Saki grinned manically at the (h/c) girl. (Y/n) furrowed her brow to symbolise her puzzlement. "Bako is in our maths class! But not only that, look at the person he's sitting next to!" Saki shoved (Y/n)'s head up to get a glimpse at who her ground-buddy was talking about. She lazily scanned the room and quickly spotted the blue haired male and saw what got the tomboy so perked. Next to him sat a boy that looked close to the new class mate's age with, well looked after, blond hair and dazzling chestnut eyes. He held a sort of mischievous air about him and gave a playful grin towards Bako. 'They seem to know eachother.' (Y/n) thought right before she was shoved to the ground again.

"That must be one of the new guys! There might just be hope for me after all!" Saki half whispered, half screeched. Suddenly, both the girls were forced to look up into the impatient and vexed face of their maths teacher. The females stood up immediately, expressions turned crimson in discomposure.

"What were you doing down there?" Mr Miazaki asked the two females. Saki pondered frantically to think of a passable excuse.

"We were trying to find Saki's blue pen Sir." (Y/n) holds up the pen she was talking about and innocently grins, sighing with reliefe in her head. Saki gave her an amazed look, trying to comprehend when (Y/n) had snuck her pen out of her bag without her realising and thinking up the excuse ahead of time. "Here it is, sorry, we'll go back to our seats." They made their way to their table and sat down.

"Phew....nice one (Y/n). Now give that back!" Saki snatched her pen back, gave her friend a playful glare only to be returned with just a smirk.

As the lesson began, (Y/n) couldn't help but feel uneasy and not quite knowing why. She glossed of over the heads in front of her but didn't see what her sixth sense was picking up. She glanced at her friend's direction to see her peaceful form in deep slumber with her hand still holding on to the pen, stopped halfway through writing the question. 'So much for staying awake for half of the lesson.' (Y/n) considered what way she should wake up her friend.

After a bit of thinking, (Y/n) decides to take her pen and began drawing three whiskers on each side of the snoozing teenager. The (e/c) eyed girl gently coloured in the tip of her nose to finish off her masterpiece. Satisfied with her work, she pinches her friend's nose, limiting Saki's oxygen and making her wake up with a slight gasp. "Wh...what?" Saki rubs her eyes to get the sleep out.

"Pay attention." (Y/n) said, trying hard not to snicker at her work. Saki gave an annoyed grunt.

"What's the time?" She said, taking out her phone and checking the time. After shutting her phone off and before putting it away, the blond-brunet girl managed to get a glimpse of her face in the black screen and held in a screech. "You little-" Saki started to scrub out the ink frantically. (Y/n) merely watched from the side, suppressing giggles, unaware of the person staring at the back of her head, trying to contain a slew of his own laughter.

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