Warning, this is a werewolf story due to popular demand.

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"People say you can't live without love.... But i'm still here......."

I walked down the long, white hall. My orange sneakers made little noise on the shiny white floor. 

Stupid shoes.

Don't get me wrong, i love working at the dentist's office but the uniform's, for lack of a better word, suck. 

I was wearing a purple shirt with tiny brown teddy bears on it.

Like a nurse's scrub's almost.

It itched terribly, even through the white shirt i was wearing under it. I was now dedicated to riping this thing off of me during my break later.

I am aware I am only 19 and working at an office full of sharp objects that terrify me. 

I was almost like an intern. I go and call patient's names the escort them to the room's and talk to the little kids when their waiting for the dentist to come in.

I worked here as a way to save up for college.

I love kids.

It's just my dad and me. I never had any siblings because after my mom, my dad never re-married anyone.

My mom left when i was just a little kid.

Dad and I moved after she left.

After mom left he just started abusing drugs and aucohol. He spends his pay check on beer and cigarette's.

I walked to a yellow door taking off the chart.


Her dental sheet showed she was new here, not being able to make it home in Canada for x-rays and a cleaning.

Her teeth her fantastic though, only one cavity in her short life.

I turned the knob and walked in to find a little girl sitting in the chair.

She looked up as the door opened. She had big brown eyes that seemed to look into my soul. Her cute little brown curls shook as her head turned to greet me.

I smiled as went to shake her small hand.

Pink painted nails greeted me as i held it in my own.

"Hello little miss. What might your name be?"

"Jazz. You're a very pretty lady." She smiled happily up at me from the white chair.

"Hello Jazz, my name's Alex. You're being a good girl so how about you take a prize out of the prize box? That's a special box that you stick your hand in and a toy comes out. Whatever you get, you can keep ok?"

I reached up on top of the cabniet and pulled down the small box that sat there.

She looked so excited she was almost out of her seat as I handed her the blue box.

"No peeking." She closed her eyes and stuck in her hand.

When she pulled it out a little pink stuffed pig the size of her hand popped out. She stared at it happily.

Then Dr. Frindo walked in, a small smile on his slightly wrinkled face. "Well Jazmyn, it seems you have met Alex. Is she being nice to you?"

Jazz nodded. "I like her hair."

Dr. Frindo grabbed some gloves and began movign some tools he needed around. "Yes she does have nice hair, doesn't she? Are you scared because Alex can hold your hand if you are."

She looked at me and I held out my hand.

Her small one gripped mine as i grabbed a stool and pulled it close to her chair.

Once i sat down i got an overwhelming feeling of dizziness. The contents of my breakfast threatened again to make an apperance.

I placed a hand over my mouth, swallowing hard to stop the bile from rising in my throat.

"Alex are you alright?" The doctor focused his attention on me, his brown eyes studying my face for several seconds. "Is it the sickness acting up again?"

It was the after effects of Leukemia.

Three years ago i had been diagnosed with the blood cancer. It took me a little over a year of cemo to be cancer free. Another year to be deemed completely safe, but the after effects were still there.

The sicknesses effects still hurt me sometimes.

The constant headaches, dizziness and feelings of neusea had slightly subsided the last few months. Due to the cancer and remission afterwards I had put off college.

At the time i was no where near ready for college, after going through everything i had no money to pay for it.

Jazz squeezed my hand. "It'll be ok."

She whispered and nodded to herself, seeming to conferm it.

I squeezed her small hand back, offering a smile back at her.

By the time she was done she wasn't afraid at all. 

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