Chapter 1: 'Sapphire'

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                                                               1995- Berlin

''Explain this to me again Gregson.'' The Director said to the man wearing a suit, the both men were in the Director's office sitting at his desk.

Gregson was the chief of Humanitary designs, which was the fancy word for he basically overseed the agency's new recruits and their training. He was the big guy in it all and the big guy had to report to the Director who wanted all infromattion he could get on this new project the young an had come up with himself.

Gregson leaned back in the arm chair and looked to the man infront of him. ''We need something new, our field agents are becomming recognisesd by our enemies that we are trying to penetrate and with the new technology in this world growing with every second that only means we are becomming weaker.''

''Oh and we certianly dont want that.'' The Director half mumbled while he looked down at his hands infront of the desk almost in slightly worry, but this was just Gregson taking advantage of that oppurtunity, there was no way that he would be able to say no to this.

''Excuse me for being so blunt Sir, but our agents just arent what they used to be. Half of them have failed on missions and the other half have been foced into safe houses to escape gone wrong missions, what we need is to re-build our training program and all I'm asking for is five minutes, just look at our agents and then judge for yourself on the progress you see whether you would fund more of this to take place, our agents that we are training aren't thought anything easy. We recruited over 500 people, to this moment there are only 25 that have passed all 3 levels they have been faced with recently. We have given them different simulations to try and test their abilities, each of the 25 have a certain assigned Agent that we believe they can learn from.'' Gregson leaned forward and looked to the Director while the man looked out the windows that surrounded his whole office in thought.

''And when can I see this program?'' He asked as the offer sounded interesting, very few agents could reach the highest rank these days and he couldn't be wasting resources anymore funding on people that just werent good enough, harsh reality.

''Now Sir.'' Gregson stood up and fixed his suit jacket before he pushed open the door and waited for the Director to follow him down the hall. He knew that he shouldnt act like this was a victory, but it felt like he had already gotten his approval, there was no way that he could say no, especially when he would see her.

''Only 25 you say, made it?'' The Direcror made an attempt of pleasent conversation while they walked down the hall, passed his secretary and then to the elevator. Gregson nodded his head once and frowned slightly, there was no way that he was proud of it, it wasnt even a good precentage when you calcualted it out. He pushed the button for the lift and both men waited while it came.

Walking inside he hit the bottom number and stood in silence while the lift went down. ''There is one particular female who has exceled all of the tests so far, she has gotten the highest score and we believe that she is the person that we are looking for. On an intelectual level, physical level and of course she exceded on the 'think fast' aspect.'' Gregson almost grinned, he was the cause of it.

The Director looked at him almost impressed by his words until the 'ping' of the elevator took place of his attention adn he walked out and down the hall.

''Get up, I said get up bitch.'' The words could be hurt and a faint cry aswell, it was a males voice and it could even be heard from the hall. The Director looked at Gregson who was as cool as a cucumber as if this was normal or some sorts.

The two men turned the corner and they were faced with a balcony of seats, which the lights were dim, but down below was a glass training room in which two women were inside along with a man who was crouched down beside one of the female's who was sobbing on the ground. She was battered and brusied and looked ready to give up while a gun lay in her hands while she was sprawled there. The man who the Director knew as the person who was hired to train the new recruits didnt have a scratch on him, because he wasnt the one fighting.

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