Chapter 24 - The Incomplete Script

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Chapter 24 (The Incomplete Script)

Abhay happily walked towards the door, walking fast. he finally got the tickets. they will fly far far from this country soon leaving the black shadows behind forever. atleast that is what he hopes. He promised to Pia and himself he will never choose any wrong path from today. never ever. this is the last strike. He ran towards the house fast, he was so happy and relieved. he left Pia alone in the house but he can't wait to tell this to her. but the door was open. Abhay stopped at the pedestal, feeling frozen. why the door is open? he strictly told Pia not to go out without him or even open the door. The worst fear jammed Abhay's mind and he clutched his heart suddenly. He hasn't even got a gun right now. he called, "Pia.." he was trying to be loud but it sounded more like a whisper to him. His footsteps suddenly left tons heavy as he ran towards the door shouting Piaaaaa. the small table was broken down on a corner and Abhay's heart skipped a bit as he show Pia lying in a pool of blood 5 feet away from the door...

Pia's POV:

I slept so long but I woke up on the sound of whimpers. my eyes got dilated with shock, all sleep gone as I saw Abhay struggling in his sleep beside me. he was panting and whispering my name like he is suffering from a painful agony. I pulled up my cover and hold it to my body while  shaking him up, "Abhay, Abhay, what's wrong? wakeup. See I'm here." He whimpered again clutching my hand, "Pia no pia you can't leave me. Please Pia." I shook him terribly again with all my strength. he is seeing a bad-dream. "Abhay, look I'm right here. wake up please." He wokeup with a jerk and looked at my face feeling flabbergasted. still high on breathing, sweaty and the look of terror on his face. I caressed his face trying to calm him down and he frantically held my hand and felt it, still panting. It was horrible to see him like this. He looked around in the room panting but it was silent, door closed. He examined my face and whispered something I didn't understand and then he embraced me in a knee-jerking hug. I stroked his hair softly, "Abhay, did you have a bad dream? you were crying on my name. I'm here. see." He pulled out of the hug and looked at me, tried to smile but it didn't come out. He fiercely kissed me all over my face, on my bare shoulder, neck and anywhere he could and embraced me again keeping his face on the crevice of my neck. His breathing was still erratic and he wasn't even talking. I stroked his hair without saying anything. I could hear his heart beating like drum-beats. he is scared and  it's not every day I have seen Abhay scared.

Madhu's POV:

I looked at the clock ticking, taking away the lifespan of my daughter or my husband or maybe me. 17 hours have left and I'm still on the same place. I can't choose, I can't think of anything. what the hell I would think or decide? I called Mr. Norman the detective again, "Mr. Norman did you get to know anything about the guy Abhay?" Mr Norman paused, "Yes. we got his employee records. he was a good employee and his boss was praising him and said also said she was sad he vanished one day. Around 2 weeks time they got a resignation letter online and apology letter too along with that. Ms. Pia Dobriyal again went to the office and said he has to go out of county for family issues but the day he last worked Miss Dobriyal went to search for him on the place. we couldn't get the details because the receptionist who used to work there 8 months ago has left the job. his full name was Abhay Raichand." I stopped him on the track, "say it again? Raichand?" Mr. Norman agreed, "yes. Abhay Raichand and he has got no criminal records on his name. we checked and no missing reports were filed ever on his name. no suspect issues but we couldn't find anybody who can give hint about his family or anyone. seems like only person who used to know him is Ms. Pia Dobriyal. But we have got his photo in the database of the office."

Madhu's forehead creased but she calmly said, "Thanks Mr. Norman for the update. please look into the matter more. you are doing a good job. you will get the reward and if you get to know anything more, give the photo to the police department and search him. let me know." mr. Norman was content, "thank you Mrs. Dobriyal. offcourse I will but problem is there's no missing report on the guy's name so getting a warrent on his name won't be possible. but we will look for him using our personal sources." I cringed, "whatever it takes find him. if you find him, you will find my daughter anyways." I  put the phone down and I'm even more lost than ever. Raichand? he can't be Chand's son because he is marrying Pia but how could he be a Raichand? he has deep relationship with Chand? Was Chand telling the truth that Abhay betrayed Chand for Pia? my head will break down. I can't think straight. My life is like that ticking clock. In a desperate attempt to resolve matters I called Arnab. After 5th ring Arnab took the call in the most reluctant voice and I blurted it, "Arnab, Arnab I need to talk to you. please listen to me very carefully."

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