3. Outburst

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Chapter # 3 

"Oye Heeriyeee!!!!"

"Kithey nass gai ae? Phara de menoo toliya is ton peley k qulfi ban javey meri ithey" I rolled my eyes pulling the sleeve down in Arham's arm and he giggled like a little girl keeping his palm in front of his mouth. I furrowed my eyebrows asking him the reason.

"Daddy sounds funny whenever he is in the bath" he remarked and I smiled, shaking my head as I neatly combed his long thick hair.

"Mom! I like them messy" he complaint and was about to mess up his hair when I quickly grabbed his wrist popping my eyes out at him, mockingly.

"Chup! messy k bachey! Apney size wali batein kiya karo Mr!" I stated and he pouted. "itney se hen nai, abhi se fashion mein sailaab aaya hua hea janab k. Baap jitney ho jao ge to NewYork ki lerkiyon ko kesey bachaoon gi tum se?" I scolded him pretending to be angry and he rolled his big brown eyes.

Like father like son....dono he nai sudher saktey

"mujhey agley 5 seconds mein taoliya na mila na to mein ne bahir nikal aana hea. Am warning you Mrs." Shehry yelled again and I huffed up, Arham giggled again and I eyed him he quickly placed his index over his mouth pressing his lips together firm.

"Stop shouting Shehry! Am coming. Can't you wait for a minute?" I growled in irritation as he kept on bombarding me from inside the bath.

"Mom! where is my console? Did you find it?" Arham asked, reminding me I had to find his game controls which I completely forgot and I smacked my forehead.

"ch! Mom! I want them. I want them now" he insisted making a face as if was about to cry.

"Arey koi Allah ka banda toliya pharaa de menoooooo. Ajj te shaheed ho jawan ga mein" Shehry ranted even louder and I literally felt like punching both father and son.

"Go ask Dado. Unhon ne rakhey honge sambhal ker" I tried to shoo Arham away as I didn't know where I placed them and he would make a racket here in no time.

"itney din se keh raha hoon abhi tak nai dhoondey" he made a face and jumped down the bed. Rolling his eyes once again he marched out from the room.

"Han han! Maa to machine hea na, Abaa ji wahan se chilla rae hen or beta yahan hukum chala raha hea. Huhn!"

"Hayee-e-e-e thannd-d-d! Ammiii jaaa-a-an" I took out a towel from the rack in the dressing room when I heard him chattering teeth on purpose. I walked towards the door and knocked.

The door slightly opened and he peeped out his face a little.

"Why so quick? Jao jao! Come back tomorrow. Tab tak mein ander ludiyan daal loon " he stated sarcastically, with his eyes popping out and I rolled mine.

"Shehry! Am not a machine okay neither an octopus. Apko to na kisi superwoman se shadi kerni chaiye thi" I bombarded him back and then glared at the water dripping from his hair falling down on the carpet messing it up.

"Oye herriye! Inna gussa changaa ni Honda. Kadi hans vi liya karo" he cheesed and pulled his hand out for the towel when I stepped back keeping it to myself.

"You want this?" I showed him the towel and he rolled his eyes.

"No, I want you inside" even his seriousness had that smirk and I tried hard to keep the giggle plus blush inside.

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