Chapter 4

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" Heir of Poseidon??" i chuckled to myself, they have got to be kidding me.

All three of them stared at me humorlessly, like this wasnt a funny joke at all.

"Your seriouslly? your actually serious right now?"

Aladdin nodded slowly, as if i was some crazy person.

well, okay then.

"What is the..heir of poseidon?" i asked curiouslly.

the woman of the group looked at me in shock, whille the blonde just stayed emotionless.

my tail below me swished back and forth, i barely even noticed the small movement anymore. Watching it move around i realized that it was very possible to blush underwater.

"You dont know?" the blonde finally spoke up, his vocie deeper then expected.

I nodded vigerouslly " human remember? or at least i was.."

The three of them shared a cautious look, before aladdin once again took the responsibilty of queing me in.

"The Heir of poseidon is excatly what it says. every once and awhille their will be a mer who is direct decendent from the god poseidon himself, sometimes its a great grand child or even his daughter or son"

aparently i am some greek gods realitive? go figure.

"So if im supposedly related-"

'You are" aladdin cut me off firmly.

"Okay then. but what does that mean??"

aladdin looked at me thoughtfully, as if he was choosing his words carefully.

" In mer society we dont have a dictatorship, no one is eligiable to be the rular. the only ones who have the right to rule is the ones our god has marked as his own but we havent had one of those in a thousand or so years..."

"so your saying that im the only elgible person in over a thousand years to have potiental rule over the mer...society?" i confirmed slowly.

his bueatiful blue eyes burned into mine, and i had the overwelming urge to forget all this mer stuff and attack his lips with my own.

his stare had my core burning hotly, and for the first time in years i felt the unmistakable feeling of butterflies fluttering around in my stomach.

"Yes" his vocie had turned even huskier and i swear i saw a flicker of lust flash through his eyes, as if his body was reacting to mine like mine was to his.

" I cant rule! im not even suppose to be a mermaid! i cant belive this happening" i muttered angrily. if this is a dream i need to wake up and soon.

but i knew that this was real. i was whatever they were telling me, wheather i liked it or not.

"nothing is ever accadiental. I believe their was a reason for why the ocean called to you, and a reason you answered the pull. " The woman said, the way she spoke was mystirous yet filled with unexplainable wisdom.

"This is crazy"

the blonde man laughed " It gets better" great. My eyebrow rose in surprise, what else can there be?

" your not only the next rular, you also have been given a bit of your godly relative's powers. Though it depends on how close you are on the family tree to poseidon, you may only have a little spark"

" oh god" i groaned. i just wanted to get through the rest of the summer and start a new life in college. i defintly didnt want a new life underwater! with responsiblitys and unkown powers and a god for a realitive.