I've just seen a face...BOOH!!

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It was October 1963 and The Beatles were at the hotel room at Halloween enjoying a night off.

George was sitting on one of the couches. His eyes were fixed on the television screen while he was stuffing his mouth with popcorn and jelly babies franticly.

John was on the other couch with Paul cuddled up against him.

They were watching an horror movie and Paul really didn't like horror movies. They scared him most of the times and gave him nightmares.

He didn't drink too much cause he hated having to walk over to the loo in the dark nights after watching these horror movies.

Paul had learned his lesson when he had to wake John one night to accompany him towards the loo in the middle of the night cause he was almost bursting, but too scared to go alone.

John had made fun of him for over a month over that and he didn't want that embarrassment again.

Ringo came walking over from the kitchen with a tray filled with four mugs of nice hot tea.

He placed the mugs on the table in front of his mates and one for himself and sat down next to George.

The movie got scarier with the minute and John could feel Paul hiding his face in the crook of his neck.

"Oh come on Macca.." John chuckled "...don't tell me you're scared aye?"

Paul looked up at John with his big doe eyes and shook his head slowly.

"Course not Johnny..." Paul lied "...'m just tired...."and laid his head on John's shoulder while he started to bite his finger nervously.

John didn't buy it and smiled to himself. Paul was so easily scared and jumpy that he thought it should be fun to give his love a little scare on this Halloween night.

John slowly pushed Paul away from his body to get up. He saw Paul panicking immediately.

"Where you going...?" Paul pouted.

John thought it was kinda cute and almost decided to stay with his sweet Paul, but he still liked his plan too much.

"Going to use the loo love..." John soothed Paul and pecked him on his plump lips.

"Oh...okay..." Paul sadly said and grabbed John's hand "...come back soon...please..."

"Sure babe..." John smiled while he stood up and planted a kiss on Paul's dark mop top before walking away.

Paul curled himself up against the backrest of the couch and rested his cheek on his knees.

What he didn't see was that John was gesturing at George to follow him while he mouthed "kitchen" to him.

A few minutes after John's leave, George stood up and walked over to the kitchen.

"Gonna grab meself some cookies..." George mumbled while he walked away.

Paul gazed at George walking away and then at Ringo who was the only one left now in the room with him. He hoped that Ringo wouldn't leave him too cause he hated to be alone now.

"Uh...Rings!" George then called from the kitchen "Can you leant me a hand please love?"

"Sure Georgie!" Ringo called back and ran over to the kitchen.

Paul swallowed hard and hid his face against his knees hoping one of them would come back soon.

He could go over to the kitchen too of course, but a sudden cold breeze sent shivers down his spine and he really didn't want to place his feet on the ground in case something would be grabbing him from underneath the couch. So he decided to just stay where he was.

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