Mine~ Jealous!Hiro HamadaXReader LEMON (1/2)

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Dedicated to:@Little_Pikachu1996
Your P.O.V
I was finishing putting my halloween make-up on. My phone ringed and I saw that it was Tadashi.

T: Hi, (Y/N)!
Y: Hey, Tadashi! What's up?
T:You ready for the party?
Y:Yasssss! And you?
T:Yeah, we are going to be at your house in 15
Y: In what?
T: In a van from Fred
Y:Okay, sure! See you then?

I put my Katniss Everdeen (Did I write it right? I'm a fan of the Hunger Games but it is a looooong time since I have read the books) costume. I grabbed my phone and wallet, and put it in my hand bag. So there is this art at SFIT and I was hella excited. I looked at the mirror one last time and head downstairs to be met with Mom with (S/N) (Sibling's name) fighting to fix her/his costume while she/he played with a toy. "I'll help you with this, mom" I walked to (S/N) and gave her/him a light kiss in the forehead which she/he giggled and I quickly fixed her/his costume. "Thank you, honey" Mom smiled and I smiled back, we looked at the stairs as Dad smiling at us dressed up as...

"Hahahahahahhahahahahahaha!" Mom and I burst out laughing. "Really, Dad? A tooth fairy?" I said wiping my tears away. Thank God I was wearing a waterproof mascara or I would ended up like a Katniss Everdeen with panda eyes. "Well, your Mom over here will be dressed as a tooth" I burst out laughing again. "Wouldn't be logical for Mom to be the fairy and you the tooth?" I said taking deep breaths. "I don't know, but well" He quickly rushed downstairs and lifted up a giggling (S/N). "Let's go then!" Mom said opening the door. "Take care, my baby" My father said giving me a kiss on the forehead. "Sure" And with that, they left with (S/N) to go trick or treating. I sighed, as I sat down on the couch I hear a knock on the door. I groaned and stood up, as I open the door I see Tadashi dressed up as Prince Charming from Cinderella. (Kind of what he looks on the picture) And I'm gonna admit, he looks really hot.

"Ready to go, Princess Everdeen?"Tadashi said extending his hand which I gladly took. "Yes, Prince" I said smiling, as I looked at the big van that was on front of us.

"Finally!" I said as I got out of the van. I looked at as they fixed their constumes. Fred was as a fire-breathing monster, I think? Wasabi was dressed as Frankenstein, Hiro was dressed as  a vampire as well as GoGo and Honey Lemon as a witch. For a second I thought that Hiro and GoGo dressed in a couple costume, I know that Hiro likes GoGo. Suddenly I felt a pang in my chest , is that jealousy? I thought but I shook those thoughts away.

I was having a blast with everyone, we were dancing, talking and laughing. I noticed that Tadashi has been a little closer and comfortable around me, and sincerely I like it. Right now, we were dancing at the tune of 'Shut up and Dance' but suddenly it turned into 'I'm Not The Only One' and everyone grabbed a partner as I see from the corner of eye Hiro walking to me, I had to look straight because a hand was placed in mine. I saw that was Tadashi. "May I have this dance?" He said and I nodded smiling. "You may"
(Play the song!)
As Tadashi put his hands in my waist, I put my hands in his shoulders and we started dancing. Tadashi smiled at me and I smiled back, I leaned on his chest as we continued dancing. It was relaxing. I saw Hiro and GoGo dancing and for a reason I got jealous.
(OMG! Reader-chan, are you that clueless? 😱)
But part of my mind told me to not pay attention, which I did. I looked up at Tadashi and we were slowly leaning closer. (You are going to hate me for this but I promise it's part from the story! 😞) We were mere inches apart but Tadashi cut the space between us. His lips were soft and warm. We broke apart from the kiss and we were both blushing hard. "Umm, I need some air" I said as the song ended  and I walked outside. I saw a bench in front of a little pond.
"Why did Tadashi kissed me?  I'm pretty sure he likes Honey" I thought as I sat in the bench and looked at the pond. I sighed.
"Why?" I hear someone behind me, as I look behind me I see Hiro standing there with his head hanging low. "Hiro?" I stand up and walked to him but stopped as he raised his hand signaling to stop. "Why?" This time his voice cracked and I got really confused.
"Wha-" But I was cut off by Hiro grabbing my wrist tightly. "Hiro!" I squealed. Finally, I'm able to see that Hiro was crying. "Why do you kissed Tadashi? Why, (Y/N)?!" Hiro said looking at me with teary eyes. "Don't you see?!" Hiro screamed making me flinch. "See what?" I thought. Then it suddenly hit me.
"Come on, (Y/N)! Join us!" Fred screamed from the pool but I couldn't get into a pool or sea since that day. I drowned and I nearly died just because I tripped on the edge of a pool. (You little clumsy Reader-chan! 😜)
"Sorry guys but I'm okay here!" I screamed from the beach chair I was sitting on. I saw that Hiro was looking me with sad eyes, he and Tadashi are the only ones who knows about what happened.
I sighed and went back to my book. I heard someody sit at the chair that was at my left, I notice that is Hiro. "Hey!" He said smiling, a smile that always made my day. "Hey, why do you got out of the water?" I said putting my book on my bag. "To give you a little company since you are here so alone" He said and I patted a side from my chair and moved so Hiro could sit, which he gladly did.
I leaned into his shoulder and he put his arm around my waist. I blushed and looked down just to be met with his toned abs which made me blush more. (Lucky Reader-chan! 😎)
Because of the heat of the sun (Fun fact: I wrote 'hat' instead 'heat' 😅) and how warm was Hiro, I started to fall asleep. Before I completly fell asleep, I felt that Hiro was playing with my hair which made me more sleepy and finally I felt asleep with butterflies in my stomach.
(End of the flashback)

And some other memories flowed in my mind making me finally realize that Hiro has been in love with me all this time but I didn't saw it. And finally, that I was in love with him too...
Hey! I know that Halloween was yesterday but because of that I have been busy but all of you shoot will be uploaded. Don't worry!
See ya later!

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