The Chronicles of Ishmirban; The Fire Stone: Part 2 Chapter 1: Ishmirban

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"What's up-what's up?" he called grabbing a towel, which materialised as he rushed back into the bedroom.

"You!" yelled Amy, her hands over her eyes.

"What about me?"

"I thought -I thought you'd left to go on this-this hunt thing!"

"Nooo, I'm still here, yer can see!"

"Yes! I can see! You have to get a door put on the bathroom!"

"Okay!" he grinned, "Or you can do it, seein' yer the one who keeps on about it. I really don't care!"

"Rude boy!" snapped Amy folding her arms. "I've never known a boy take so many showers!"

"Stop yer moanin' and come and look outta the winder- it's amaz-"

"Window!" she quickly corrected.

"Yeah okay, just come and look. Yer won't believe it, it's amazin'! The Park's grown, it's massive! And there's hundreds of people out there, most of them ridin' horses, well, they look like horses."

"Could they be keppets?"

"Yeah, I guess so, come and have a look," he beckoned impatiently.

Finding his discarded clothing clean once again, Chase quickly dressed in the bedroom while Amy called from the bathroom.

"Oh my goodness Chase-" she said, hardly stopping to draw breath, "there's hundreds of people out there! They're all dressed in so many beautiful colours- we're going to look so drab. Oh and they have boats too! I think they're boats. Do you think they're boats? I didn't think we were allowed to go into the sea. I wonder where they've come from? How do you think The Park can grow like that? Do you think it's this hunt thing they're getting ready for?"

"I guess so- come on, get dressed-whatever," Amy was wearing her fluffy- penguins- on- ski's- pyjamas, "I'll make us somethin' to eat, then we'll go down and see, okay? Or we could skip breakfast. Yeah, let's just go! C'mon! Hurry up!"

"Chase you can't go if they're hunting animals," said Amy returning to the bedroom, "you just can't! It's too cruel!"

"Huh, we'll see!"


Chase was delighted with his keppet. It looked like a small horse, except it's long multicoloured mane and tail were the wildest things he'd ever seen. All the keppets were amazing colours. His was a mottled strawberry roan with dark red legs, dark red almost black eyes and a very pretty face with two little horns just above where a star would have been.

He was told she had chosen him and once they were 'bonded' she would be with him forever or until one of them died.

"That'll be me in the next two minutes then," muttered Chase under his breath.

Chase soon found out she was more temperamental than a horse or a pony, more like a jackass, he thought, as she threw him to the ground for the second and third time, snorting and leaping about like a wild mustang.

"I haven't fallen off in years!" gritted Chase impatiently, putting his foot sharply back into a large bucket stirrup and heaving himself into a lavishly decorated saddle with great difficulty as the creature plunged about.

Amy, who was with Prelli, Kish's Jezzle, covered her eyes when ever Chase fell off. Luckily he wasn't hurt as they were in some kind of 'keppet bonding' ring, where the ground was strangely soft. This was meant to exhaust the animal and make it difficult for it to thrash about. This wasn't the way Chase had been taught to break-in horses but was quickly reminded, as he met the ground again, this was no horse!

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