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Halloween Special!! ;D

"Trick or Treat?! "

A bunch of kids, lifting up their pumpkin bowl at your doorstep as you open the door.

"Here you go ~ " you said, giving some candies for those kids and they cheered. After thanking you, they went to the next house.

Now, exactly at 7 P.M. , as the sky darkened, almost everyone in your neighborhood, especially kids and teens, come out from their house, wearing their costume and running around.

You love Halloween. You would decorate your house with fake spider webs and lighted up the candles in those clean and empty pumpkins.

Someone knocked your door again. You gladly took some candies and chocolate bars in your hand, walking towards the door.

When you opened the door, you saw it's your friend, Amanda. (OKAY I'M HERE AGAINNN)

"Pshh, what are you doing here? " you asked, rolling your eyes as you set down those candies on the table.

"Hey! Can't I get some candies too?! " Amanda whined, "Oh wait, I'm not here to whine. Yah, did you forget that you're going to my house?! "

"Huh? Your house? " you asked, munching a dark chocolate.
"Duh. I'm here to pick you up, the party's staring in about 20 minutes, you freak! " Amanda yelled.
"Ugh fine. Let me take my phone. "


"Woah, your decorations are amazing! " you was in awe when you stepped into Amanda's house.
"Jagi, you're late. " Nam Joon came in front of you and Amanda. Amanda immediately turned from sassy attitude to the innocent one.

"Aww, mianhae ~ (Y/N) forget our party. " Amanda glared at you and you rolled your eyes.

"Oh, right, (Y/N)! I want you to meet someone! " Nam Joon exclaimed, "Follow me. "

You followed behind Amanda and Nam Joon, heading to the backyard. Then, there's a tall guy in a vampire costume caught your attention.

His eyes met yours. You took a deep breath and walked closer to him.

"Hey, Seung Hyun. This is my friend I always talked about, (Y/N). " Amanda said, gesturing me to come closer.

"Nice to meet you, Seung Hyun. " you shook hands with him.
"Likewise. " Seung Hyun said, smiling at you, showing his dimple.

Your heart throbbed when you saw his dimples. He's perfect! He's tall, slim, handsome, attractive, charming... Has a deep voice. And he's exactly your type!

"Okay I shall leave you two here by now. Anneyong! Have fun! " Nam Joon said, then walked off with Amanda.

Seung Hyun's hand haven't let go of yours. You looked down and blushed, "Um... Seung Hyun, you can let go now. "

"Why should I? " he smirked.

Instead of letting your hand go, he held tightly and pulled you to the second floor, which is more quiet. You and Seung Hyun were at the empty corridor.

"Why did you take me here? " you asked.
"I love your costume. " Seung Hyun answered.
"That's not the answer I want. "

"Because I wanted to spend my time with you. " he finally answered.
"Oh... I see. "
"You're not busu right? " Seung Hyun asked.
You shook your head and flash a warm smile.

"Oh, your smile made my day. "

"Mr. Vampire, you're such a flirt. " you giggled.
"Ms. Witch, will you brew a love potion for me? Because I wanted to make the girl I loved loves me back. " Seung Hyun teased.

"Who's the girl? " you asked, a little disappointed when you thought he already had someone he likes.

"Do you believe love at first sight? " Seung Hyun asked, leaning closer to you. You nodded. You could feel his hot breath at your neck.

"I believe too. You know why? Because I fell in love with this girl, standing right in front of me. When I saw her for the first time, my heart tells me you're my Ms. Right. " he whispered.

You felt his lips connected your collarbone, sucking it.

When he pulled away, he smirked at you.
"That's what vampires do. But I don't suck blood. I wouldn't want to hurt my girl. "

Snaking his arm around you waist, he slipped out your phone from your pocket and typed his phone number, "Call me, darling. You're mine forever. "

With that, Seung Hyun walked off and hummed happily. You look into the mirror and saw a red mark, forming at your collarbone, where Seung Hyun sucked just a moment ago.

He already marked you.


You're his now.

Sexy theme is my specialty ;D Muahaha

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