Forever Bound

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Heyy guys, I'm Dee! This is my first tribal story (inspired by abagail_frost's book, summer solstice - the best book ever, READ IT, as well as Pocahontas, my favourite disney movie (on a draw with Mulan)) I really hope somebody does read this, because I love writing and aspire to publish my stories properly one day... If you do read, give me a shout saying you read this in the comments because I'd love to know! So - this is the summary, I'll post the prologue later (I've written it out already)...

Anyways, let's continue?



Anna knows no other life than her tribe. And yet, her tribe shudders at her prescence, looks away as she walks by, and whisper warnings behind her back.

She's got blue eyes, and no tribal member has blue eyes. She's a scandal child: the result of a pairing not meant to be.

When everyone hates her, though, how can she go on? The one day when she overlooks the cliff, just wondering how easy it would be to walk off, she sees him.

He's from the neighbouring tribe: a tribe with blood that is not watered down with outsider blood like her own tribe.

And he'll save her, from her family, her tribe, and herself.

Only - Anna's determined to make her grandfather happy, and he is staunch that she should marry the next tribe guardian, a young lad who scorns her.

What will she follow, her heart or her tribe?

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