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Marie Claire:You have two children right?

Kate Winslet:Yes, their names are Mia and Joe.

Marie Claire:What kind of mother are you? How do you potentially describe yourself?

Kate Winslet:Well, I think I could say chaotic, we're always on the run going somewhere. And I am kind of... well, apprehensive, I guess and severe just when needed. I also try to give my children moral values, and I hope I can do good with them. I try to teach them what is important in life, being genorous with your time, your friends, the ones you love. I try to cultivate their gentler, spiritual, kinder side. But sometimes, it's not easy when 'UNCLE LEO' comes along. (She laughs)

Marie Claire:What do you mean?

Kate Winslet:Well, me and Leo (DiCaprio) are very good friends. He adores my children but the problem is, he spoils them rotten! I mean, Mia is just 4 years old and she's a megalomaniac. She says she wants to be an actress, singer and GOD knows what else. And if you ask her why she thinks she can do all that, she's gonna tell you "Because Uncle Leo says I can," and that's it for her. Can you imagine taking a 3 year old kid to Fao Schwartz and tell her "Take everything you want and Uncle Leo is gonna buy you that?" Well, Leo did exactly this, last Christmas, Mia was overjoyed. She thought Leo was Santa Claus.You know, I try to teach her material things are not important and there comes Uncle Leo with the newest model of a doll's house! (She laughs)

Marie Claire:I know how it feels. I say, me and my husband we have a friend that's just like that.

Kate Winslet:Yeah, I guess in a while, I'll be the monster and they'll dump me and go live with Uncle Leo. (She laughs) OK, I'm kidding. I really love Leo, I mean we're on the phone constantly when we're in different places. I love the fact that Leo loves my children so much and treats them like his very own. I just wish he'd not spoil them so much. (She laughs again) You know, I hadn't seen him for nearly five years and two years ago, he sent me a marvelous bouquet of flowers for my birthday with a note that said he missed me ('I miss you, darling' written on the note). Since that time, we talk on the phone a lot. We are really that close. Very close. I love him very much.

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