Chapter (24)

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 "Change Isabella, you have to hold them off untill we get there." My father's voice boomed, within my mind; "Gathering the guards." Liam informed us.

 "Don't leave me." I said, scared that I was about to be left alone to face my death. "I'm not leaving you Is. Is Connor there?" Liam voice was soft as it bounced around my mind.

My eyes darted to Connor's still body which kneeled next to Sophia, frozen in grief. "Yes he is here." I answered Liam's question, darting by eyes back between Connor and King Griffin.

King Griffins face consumed with hate and disgust, while Connors was expressionless. "Speak to him. Appeal to him. Stall them untill we are there." Liam's calm and collected voice spoke in my mind.

"Connor." My voice shaky as I said his name, the situation I was in was influencing my control over my voice. Connor didn't look up from Sophia's body. "Connor." I said louder and firmer.

My voice was stronger and it rolled through the hall. Connors head slowly drifted up to me, his tear stained black eyes locked with mine. Connor took in my accelerated heartbeat, my closed fists and the fear which covered my eyes.

Frowning he glanced at his father, "What are you doing?" Connor yelled as he lowered Sophia's head back to the ground, her blood covering his hands. King Griffin didn't reply as he snarled at me. Connor was at my side instantly, as he glared at his father. "Step away son. Her death will be payment."

I flinched at King Griffin's words, Connor pushed me more behind his back as he protectively stood between me and the men advancing on me. "Stand down." Connor ordered the men, their approaching halted but it didn't stop the growling in my direction.

"Move Connor!" King Griffin yelled and gestured his head for the men to go around him. I placed my hand on Connor's back and pressed my body firmer into his broad back. Connor sent his arm back around me, pressing on the small of my back.

Leaning up to back of his neck, "I'm so sorry for your lost." I whispered up into his ear. Connor didn't reply as he kept his eyes locked with his father. It was clear they were having an internal conversation. But I knew he had heard my words and I just hoped he would believe them.

"We're here Isabella." My father's voice jumped into my mind, I never thought I would feel happy to hear his voice in my mind.  "THEY ARE HERE TO ATTACK!" King Griffin roared and reached for me behind Connor's back.

Connor shifted us, so I remained out of King Griffin's death wanting hands. "They are here to collect me nothing else." I yelled in our defence, my hand now gripping the back of Connor's shoulder. "And that is what they will do." Connor roared through the hall, his words deep with an underlying meaning.

"Stay close." He whispered over his shoulder to me, as he began to walk us along the wall of the hall. Hundreds of eyes narrowed and covered in rage as they glared at me, gulping I wrapped my other hand around Connor's chest. 

"Connor- "

"Stay quiet Isabella." he warned cutting me off in midsentence. My heart flattened slightly as my full name rolled from his tongue. He hadn't spoken my whole name since- well since we began to get along.

I locked my lips together as we walked down the corridor, and exited the hall. Connor shifted me to the front of his body, his arms wrapping around me protectively, as he pulled me into his chest. I was well aware of the crowd following behind us.

"We are out the front." Liam's voice yelled in my mind. "Stop, I'm coming out." I quickly replied, ensuring that they didn't enter the castle in this fragile moment. "Were waiting." Liam's voice echoed in my mind.

"They're out the front." I whispered up at Connor. His face was stern, as his eyes remained straight. Everything was crumbling around us, things were changing and I knew there was nothing I could do.

As we walked out the castle front doors, a sea of large wolves filled the Griffins courtyard. All with their head low, teeth out and growling. My father stood in human form at the front of the pack of growling wolves. I noticed Chase's grey wolf stand on my father's left side and Liam's deep brown wolf stand on his right.

Turning into Connor's chest as we stood at the top of the stairs, "Thank you," I whispered up to him. His eyes were scanning the scene in front of him; he slowly lowered his head down to me. His jaw tight as he locked eyes with me, but before Connor could even speak a voice from behind us spoke.

"King Griffin, " My father's large loud voice boomed up at us, but was cut off by King Griffins' growl. "WE DECLARE WAR!" King Griffin roared down at him. "You have five minutes to get off our land before we attack."

"ISABELLA, COME HERE!" My father's voice roared, for me to join them. King Griffin's threat was real and my father knew that. Wrapping my arms around Connor, hugging him tightly; his arms held me pressed to his chest.

"And so war begins again." I muttered into his chest, taking a step back; as my father's warning growl drifted up to me. Connor's face was tight with pain as he watched me, step out of his arm. Placing a hand on his cheek I leant up to his ear. "You will be an amazing King, Connor." I connected my eyes with his as I stepped away.

His hand dropped from around my waist. "TWO MINUTES!" King Griffin screamed. The snapping of clothes, as the men behind Connor changed into wolves. Pulling my hand from Connor's cheek, keeping our eyes locked. 


"Bye Connor and thank you." With those final words spoken I turned on my heel and shifted mid-air. I felt Connor's hand brush my back, as if he had reached out to grab me at the last minute.

Landing on four feet at the bottom of the stairs, Chase and Liam darted to my side as soon as my feet landed. Running into the sea of our wolves I was swallowed into the middle, as they protected me.

Lowering our heads, we all picked up speed as we ran in the direction of the large four cargo plane, their blades still swooping in the air, ready to take off as soon as we entered. Chase and Liam pressed me tightly between the two; both tense with nerves as we ran for the planes.

Our feet pounded up the metal ramp of the cargo plane and when the plane began to lift off the ground and only now, when we were safely in the air, did I speak with my father.

"Are we really to go back to war?"

My father threw his large white wolf head towards me, before he turned his eyes back down to the Griffins land. "War has been declared and the battles won't stop till their land is ours."

My father's tone was firm and coated in anger as it drifted through my mind. My mind couldn't help but be filled with memories of Connor, the way he held me in his arms at the lake, our kiss. Closing my eyes would I ever see him again? And if I did would he be alive?

I saw the look in my father's eyes, his plan for peace had failed; by no fault of our own and now he would stop at nothing to claim their throne and land. 

 The script now forgotten as we once again returned to something we knew too well. Bloodshed and death.

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