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Pic is Ant when he was smaller


This cannot be happening.

"Well,it clearly is because he is outside."

Woah,she can read minds!

"No,I can't. Although I wish I could. You were thinking out loud. " She answers my thoughts.

"Okay,okay. Wait,what?" I pulled my hair.

Deep breaths, deep mother flipping breaths.

"No,it probably isn't him! Yeah,yeah it's probably someone else." I chanted over and over again.

"Yeah,someone that's 6 ft 2 strikingly handsome, looks like an older version of my godson and he just so happens to have a platinum card with the name Steven flipping Rodriguez on it no? Yeah,yes you're probably right it's clearly someone else." She sassed.

This was totally not happening, NO.

"Well,this is a café, so he probably just came to get some coffee! Yeah,wait - who's running the register?" I asked.

When realization settled we both ran out to see a long line of people standing and yelling out in frustration.

Helen looked toward me mouthing a sorry.

"It's alright, no one died. I'll take the orders you take the register. " She smiled in appreciation and we got to work.

We were done with the rush and I was about to return to my awaiting work pile when a chillingly familiar voice stopped me dead in my tracks.

"Going somewhere?" The voice asked.

It took all of my will power not to run away but I had to know what he wanted from me.

"Mr Rodriguez, how nice of you to grace us with your presence. How may we help you?" I asked in a sweet tone.

We were lucky the café was deserted, otherwise we would've drawn a crowd and for the wrong reasons.

"You know why I'm here." I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"Oh sure, you can just grab a table and one of our waiters will get to you but if you're in a hur-"

"I want to see my child."

"Oh,now that can't be!" I went on using a sweet tone before changing it to my normal tone, "Because, it can't be about my son now can it? "

"I have a so- " He began but I cut him off.

"No, I have a son. You have no right,absolutely, no right to come here and show your face and expect me to let you see my baby? May I remind you that not only did you deny fathering my baby but you went on to calling me an attention seeking whore!" I was fuming.

"Please,just -"

"Shut up. You either leave now or I will call the police." I shot him a dark look.

"Do you know who I am?" He asked in a menacing tone.

"Well,I know you know who I am." I crossed my arms in front of my chest.

"I'm giving you a warning Anne,if you don't let me see my son than I'm taking you to court." He threatened.

"Fine,go right ahead. I'm pretty sure I have more than twenty witnesses that can support my case." I countered.

He was about to say something but I stormed into my office, took my bag and walked out with answering his calls.

I walked to my car and drove off.

Stupid idiot. Thinks he can just waltz into my life and demand to see my son?

I was too conflicted to drive so I pulled up near a park and sobbed into my hands as an unwanted memory made it's way into my mind

Our first encounter.

We met when in the most clichéd way possible.

It was raining hard one afternoon and I had just walked into the campus café ready to order my afternoon regular. The line was long but since my cousin Sandy was working the register, I got to cut,again. As this had been the normal routine since I had arrived to study here, no one bothered to yell at us anymore rather they just roll their eyes.

I was enjoying my cookies and caramel latte when suddenly an unknown yet familiar male specimen pulled the chair opposite mine before taking a sit.

"Hey," he smiled.

I couldn't help but want to smile back if I hadn't catch myself.

"Um,hello," I managed to get out before shifting my gaze else where.

"I've been watching you," he said,leaning towards me,and me being a klutz burnt myself with my own drink!

"I'm sorry,please excuse me," I made a beeline to Sandy and asked for extra tissues.

I was too absorbed by my stained  shirt that I hadn't realized he was standing in front of me.

"I'm sorry,I mean I know I had an effect on the ladies but,man. Who knew I could get you wet without saying more than ten words." He smirked.

If was just any other male I would've slapped him upside the head and call him a dickhead, but this wasn't just any male,this Greek god looking man in front of me was Steven Rodriguez. Heir of Carlos Rodriguez, multi billionaire,owner of Rodriguez Enterprises and a chain of five star hotels in and around the country. Long story short,if I caused him any harm I would be faced with endless lawsuits to list three lifetimes!

So being the bigger man,I turned and head for the exit.

"Hey, wait up!" He says, causing my feet to double it's speed.

But of course, he had legs longer than mine so he caught up with me without even breaking a sweat.

"I am truly sorry about your drink,maybe we can just start over again? " holding his right hand out. "Hi,I'm Steven,I'm a senior here,and you are?"

I was going to walk away,I really was. But as bad as my peers and society make him it to be. . the rich bad boy figure they painted seemed non existent as his eyes shined brightly at my response.

"Anne,sophomore. You owe me a Caramel latte,"I placed my hand into his outstretched hand,which he brings to him lips sending butterflies fluttering everywhere.

*end of flashback*

I let out an animalistic growl before getting out of my car,going to look for an ice cream stand.


Hey, okay so,as you can tell this chapter was lame and rushed and not edited! I will get to that later on because I'm writing on my phone and my fingers always hurt after typing longer sentences than the occasional Facebook status.

Thanks for reading this tragedy, I love you guys!

Kez x

P.s,please don't be silent readers,tell me what u think about TBRC so far.


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