{10} Icing & Fire

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          Don't say a word...

...'Cause I'm about to set fire to everything I see

I want you so bad I'll go back on the things I believe...

...All the way to the edge of desire

            Steady breathing....

         .... I have to have you now

        John Mayer- Edge of Desire

After school, I went straight to Joe's since Seiko and Cam had to stay after school for some meeting to get the new spicy panini special that was being promoted and a strawberry frappe with a hint of vanilla in the whipped cream.

I had been craving one all day. Hence the reason why I rushed after school to get it. Ms. Anderson loved when I came there.

I think she only liked me coming there, because I was her guinea pig when she makes new recipes. She was such a sweet, wise lady and reminded me a lot of my grandmother.

Her and Joe's love story was so inspiring. He proposed to her right outside of the cafe and so right here is where their love for each other grew and is still growing. I mean they have been married for 45 years, and their love gets stronger despite their ups and downs.

Who wouldn't want a love like that where the man of your dreams still looks at you the same way with so much passion and love in his eyes as when you were on your wedding day?
I do.

Maybe one day.

But I didn't mind visiting the Andersons one bit. I mean who doesn't like free food? What more could I want?  

I could think of someone else...

I finished up my food and waved goodbye to Ms. Anderson, who was coming out of the swinging doors that lead to the kitchen where Mr. Anderson was coaching the young cooks in the kitchen on how to cook.

"You leaving already, honey," she asked wiping her hands on her apron as she pulled me in for a hug. 

"Yes, I gotta go finish up some homework before my dad gets on me." I said smiling at her.  

"Well, okay then. Make sure you take some Angel Food Cake home with you." She scurried in the kitchen and brought back not just a piece, but A WHOLE CAKE. "Make sure you save some for your parents." She waved me off while tending to a customer.

"I'll try!" I shouted as the swinging of the door was muffled by her laughter as I headed down the street to my house.

When I walked up to my door, I was trying to juggle the cake and my frappe... all the while trying to get my key out  to open the door.


All at the same time. Real smart, Raina. 

I stopped trying to fidget with trying to get my keys out of my pocket, when I heard footsteps getting closer and heard a voice ask, "Need some help with that?" I looked up to see Cam looking at me awaiting my answer.

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