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2 years pass..

"Mama...?" Lucina said as, her mother carried her to her room. "What is it, Lucina?" She asked. "I've been having weird dreams..." Lucina said as her mother laid her in her bed. "Oh..? What are they about?" Sumia asked. "I don't know what I look like because I see through my eyes." Lucina said as she pointed to her eyes. Her mother laughed. "But what are they about you silly princess!" Her mother said as she tickled her daughter to make her laugh. She stopped tickling her, sat next to Lucina, and put her daughter on her lap. "Well... I think I'm older... And apparently I'm married.. And I'm married to someone who wears clothes like Uncle Robin..." She said. "You do know he's not your real Uncle right honey?" Sumia said laughing. "Yeah I do.." Lucina said, the laugh contagious. "But what's stinky is that i don't know if it's him or not!" Lucina said. "And so that means I don't...know..." Her voice trailed off as she drifted off to sleep. Her mother got up from her bed and laid, Lucina down. She put the covers up and kissed her cheek, and walked out.
"Chrom." Sumia said. "Yes?" He asked. Sumia sat down next to him on her throne. "It's Lucina.. Remember when she... Came back from the future..? ...she... She.. remembers it."

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