Boner in my heart

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"I know Allen Crawford. And for a matter of fact, he is my prom date." There I was, spinning a web of lies to my death in front of everyone. The whole cafeteria went silent after my declaration and eventually erupted with whispers, glares as I proudly walked away from there.

My 'sisters' Melissa and Kelsey were dumbfounded by this revelation. It was a fun sight. If it wasn't for them, I'd have never lied. They constantly joked about my weight and how I'll never find a date.

I landed straight up in washroom to bang my head on wall because, Oh well, Reality.

Allen Crawford was this beautiful dream that I wouldn't even dare to have. The person who'd give you a boner in your heart.

But The real thing is, The barrier between our worlds is way too huge. A world renowned dancer slash actor slash a wannabe musician and the girl who can't even spell Slasa. A Greek god type of dude while you look like a teletubby. See what I mean?

"Sandy, you okay?" A voice called from outside. It was Matt, aka the only person who thinks I am sane even if I think pigeons are evil, Someone who shamelessly binge watch Phineas and Ferb with me on weekends, even though he isn't a great fan.

And Most of all, he never breaks pinky promises. We all know, how sacred they are now, don't we? In short, We are BFFs.

I wiped off my tears and splashed some water over my face and trudged outside. The look on his face clearly indicated that he was worried because he knows that even selling my soul to Satan wouldn't fetch me a real glance at that piece of perfection.

I was mentally praying for some miracle to happen or for earth to swallow me entirely so I don't have to face humiliation. Not like I have any reputation either way.

"You lied!" He shouted at me. His voice echoed in the deserted hallway.

"I didn't. You know I never lie. And if I am lying right now, a giant ice cream truck can fall on me." I looked above at the ceiling of school, not wanting to be attacked by a flying ice cream truck ofcourse. You can never be too sure.

"See?" I added nervously laughing but he wouldn't even budge, kept staring at me with arched brows. So you know, he is really furious.

"Jeez. Calm your horses angry man. I am-" I was about to confess the truth but my phone started ringing. I pulled it out, it displayed an unknown caller ID.

I received the call, marching to another corner and ignoring the guy fuming with anger shooting daggers at me from behind.

"Hey. Is this Sandy Baker?" A male voice said from other side. A heavenly voice if I must add.

"Yes. I am. May I know who is this?" I answered, taking my time as I saw Matt tapping his foot repeatedly, annoyed.

"Allen Crawford."

Okay. Two things.

First. God! You are real.

Second. Wtf just happened?


A/N- Hola people! So, I am really awful at choosing cast. Any suggestions for Allen Crawford? Zac Efron? ;)

And Oh Oh! Picture of Sandy Baker aka the fat Cinderella in the last chapter.

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