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Just... just read it, ok? This is the email I sent to my teacher.

Hi Mrs.(Teacher's name)!

Boy, do I have quite the story for you. Sit back and grab some popcorn, this one's a bit of a long one.So, my tablet has decided to screw me over on the one day I need it, and it has unfortunately stopped working the day I tried to record my playing test, aka today. Yes, I stupidly left it to the last minute once again and I think I've paid my fair share of the price. Should have seen that one coming. 

After the tablet wouldn't work, I started panicking a bit, because how was I supposed to record it? I then had an idea, use my sister's tablet. So boom. Done, recorded it, ready to go. For once, I felt like I did a really good job on my playing test, even if the angle I recorded it at was a bit weird. (Sorry for that by the way. I hope you can just grade it anyways after all this trouble and hassle.)

This is when the real problems occurred. Admittedly, yes, some of these problems came from my stupidity. So first, I was able to upload it to my sister's drive and share it with me fine, no strings attached. Then stupid little me thought it was a good idea to delete them off my sister's drive so she wouldn't have to deal with them. Don't even ask me why I thought this was a good idea. I don't even know. I go to open it on my computer anddddd it's not there. I could guess why. *Sigh* Guess I'd have to upload it again, no big deal right? Wrong.

So, I go back to try and upload it again when my wifi decides now would be the best time to crash. So my first upload stops, and fails. I wait for the wifi to fix itself and try again. Nope, literally right before it finishes uploading, the wifi crashes again. I must have had to upload it at least twenty times(not even exaggerating here, it was such a pain in the butt) for it to finally work. Of course, the same thing happens with the second and third uploads. Because why would things work, am I right?

So by now I've spent around 40 minutes just trying to upload this test, and I've lost all of my patience with it. I'm tired and just want to get it turned in and never have to worry about it again. I go into classroom, and add the attachment. I hit the turn in button. 

Just then, a little message pops up. It says something along the lines of 'you cannot upload this file because you do not own it!' and I'm sitting there with this look on my face like you actually have to be kidding me right now. I close out of what I have now named "The Soul-Crushing Popup of Death"(for obvious reasons) and just sit there with my head in my hands, wanting to punch a hole through my computer screen. After a few head bangs against my desk, I read the full assignment for the pure heck of it and realize you've put a site link on the assignment that would let me record it from my computer. 




I was that much of an idiot that I didn't even read the assignment all the way through, just enough to know what measures I had to play. The salt I felt at that point was probably enough to fill up every saltwater lake, sea, and everything in between about 6 times over. I was so frustrated that I would have(and honestly still would through all of tonight)probably broken a few strings, my bow, the instrument, and probably chuck my sister's tablet and my computer out the top floor of the empire state if I tried to record it again. I can imagine it now. 


*chucks tablet*


*whips computer*

And then I would take over the world and laugh to the point of insanity.

So, for the sake of the world, and my sanity, I've just turned it in the old fashioned way, shared it with you and even put it in the shared orchestra folder just in case. I literally cannot even tell you how done I am tonight. Life can go take a night off, I am not dealing with it.But, please, just accept it this one time, and I promise I'll do it the correct way next month. I mean, I'll understand if you wont accept it, but the amount of stress I've went through tonight has probably took 15 years off my life and gave me some secret grey hairs. At the very least, I hope you found my story a least a little bit entertaining. So, I'm sorry for turning it in that way and I hope you'll accept it. Sorry for the super long email too.

Sorry again,


I'll post an update later, ok? I don't feel like it right now. 

For now, I'm done with life. Bye.

*jumps off cliff*

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