Your First Time at Freddy's

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Your a little (H/C) (E/C) 7 year old girl named (Y/N). Your in your parents car on your way to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Your parents pull into the parking lot of the pizza place. "Common (Y/N), we're here." Your mom says. You unbuckle and step out of the car. Going inside the restaurant the smell of pizza hits your nose. You can hear laughing and screaming kids as you make your way into the dinning room. There are games and even a ball pit. "Go along and have fun." Your mom says shooing you away." You begin to walk around the area till you look up at the stage. There stood three towering animations which made you freeze in your tracks. You were terrified by the sight. Quickly, you looked around for your mom and dad but they were no where in sight. You hid under a table and cried silently. Tears streaming down your face.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time skip brought to you by bumper car Bonnie and his Kawaii-ness~~~~~~~~~

You are still under the table when you hear your parents calling out your name you slip from under the table and ran to them finally happy you were able to leave.

(??? POV)

I sit in the back room on and old couch that the manager put in this room for some reason. I hear the screaming and laughter of children. I sighed, I had been so board in this back room with no one but me. I decided to peek out of the door and see the kids. I opened the door a bit and looked out. A little (H/C) girl caught my eye. She was crying. She reminded me of a kid that used to do the same back in Fredbear's Family Dinner. I shuddered at the thought of what I did to that poor kid. She suddenly sat up and ran from under the table to who I assume was her parents.

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