Chapter 2:Plan

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Juvia woke up at 5 am in the morning. She hurriedly took a bath, changed her clothes, only ate a sndwhich then ran towards the guild. She opened the door & only found Mira & Laxus talking.

"Well good morning Juvia! Your so early today." Mira greeted Juvia. Juvia pulled Mira's hand towards a table.

"What is it Juvia?" Mira asked.

"Juvia came here early for our plan." Juvia said.

"Plan? What plan?" Mira asked.

"Well Juvia was planning to confess to Gray-sama tomorrow. So Juvia need your help Mira." Juvia said.

"Okay. So here's my idea......" Mira said.

(7 am)

Juvia & Mira stopped talking when we found out that Erza entered the guild.

"What are you talking about there?" Erza asked Juvia & Mira.

"Oh nothing Erza. Just some stuff." Mira said.

"Let me join!" Erza said.

"No!" Mira shouted.

"Come on!" Erza insisted.

"Okay, come on! Just don't tell anyone!" Juvia said.

"YES!" Erza said.

We talked about 1 1/2 hours when we planned, but we stopped when everyone was at the guild.

When Juvia saw Gray-sama entered she jumped to hug him.

"Gray-sama!!!!! Can we walk outside together?! Just the two of us!" Juvia said.

"Not now Juvia!" Gray-sama said.

"Juvia insists!!! Come on!" Juvia said pulling Gray-sama's arm outside the guild.

Gray-sama & Juvia walked for hours.

"Juvia, we need to go back to the guild!" Gray-sama said.

"Later! We need to go to this street." Juvia said pointing a small road.

We walked for 3 mins when suddenly, an arrow shot Gray-sama's arm that boood gushed out.

"Gray-sama! Are you okay?!" Juvia asked concernedly.

"Don't touch me! Can't you see its bleeding?! And your asking am I okay?! This is your fault! You never listened to me!" Gray-sama shouted.

Juvia felt her heart broken into a million pieces when Gray-sama said those harshful words.

The man who shot Gray-sama was gone. So Juvia helped Gray-sama stand up then walked to the guild. When we were at the front door, Gray-sama pushed Juvia's arm away from his shoulder.

When we entered......

"Gray! What happened to you?!" Erza asked.

"An arrow hit me, & the man got away." Gray-sama said.

"Let's take Gray to the infirmary." Mira said.

Both Erza & Mira took Gray-sama towards the infirmary to treat Gray-sama's wounds.

Juvia sat in a table at the bar, alone. Thinking of those words Gray-sama said to her.

"Don't touch me! Can't you see its bleeding?! And your asking am I okay?! This is your fault! You never listened to me!"

Those were endlessly echoing in Juvia's mind.

"Gray-sama doesn't mean those words right?" Juvia questioned in her thoughts.

Suddenly it began to rain. Juvia walked outside the guild to head to her apartment. Juvia didn't brought her umbrella so Juvia's just walking in the rain, even though she's soaking wet.

When Juvia entered her apartment, she took a quick bath then ate her dinner. In her room, she lied down in her bed thinking what will happen tomorrow. She turned off the lights then went to sleep.

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