Chapter 1:Perfectly Not Fine

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"Good morning, everyone!" Juvia greeted the whole Fairy Tail guild as she entered. "Good morning, Juvia!" everyone responed with their usual enthusiasm. Juvia sat nearby the bar talking to Mira. Juvia looked at Gray-sama who was talking to love rival. Juvia frowned at the thought of Gray-sama choosing love-rival over Juvia...

"Juvia, are you alright?" Mira asked.

"Oh, don't worry about Juvia. She's just Fine." Juvia said faking a smile.

"Are you jealous about Lucy & Gray?".

Juvia nodded. Juvia turned her head again towards Gray-sama, hoping he might look back... but Juvia thinks it's hopeless.

"Don't worry. You & Gray will get along someday." Mira comforted her. A moment later Juvia saw Gray-sama together with love rival sitting beside her.

"Drip....... Drip...... Drop......." Juvia mumbled under her breath.

Love rival looked at Juvia confused.

"Juvia, are you okay?" love rival asked.

"Don't mind Juvia. She's just perfectly fine." Juvia faked smile.

"O-okay." love rival said.

Juvia walked away from love rival & Gray-sama to get some  time alone. Juvia would usually admire Gray-sama from a distance but she guessed she should give it a break. It's hard yo deal with love. Juvia walked outside the guild to take some fresh air.

With hours of walking, Juvia decided to walk beside the river where love rival usually passes. Juvia walked over the bridge then sat at a bench facing the sunset.

When the sun was down, Juvia looked at her reflection at the river. She didn't know what to say, seeing her face doesn't seem to tell anything wrong. It was already dark, Juvia walked back to her apartment. As she entered, Juvia took a half bath, ate her dinner then watched TV.

Juvia was watching a movie called "The Fault In Our Stars".

When Juvia finished the movie, she took 100 tissues to dry her tears, but it looks like that her whole room had a flood.

5 mins later, her room was dry again. It was 10 PM so Juvia slept.


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