She's Clingy

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"Who was that you were texting?" Lauren asked, tilting her head to the side. She had set down the remote to give her full attention.

"Um?" I said, not sure if this was a normal question you would ask someone.

She didn't really need to know, so I responded with "My sister, Arielle; she said she was not going to be home today."

This statement was partially true, because I had gotten a text from her this morning, it was one of her infamous drunk texts; meaning she's going to be partying all day. And night, depending on her mood.

"Oh, Arielle? That's a pretty name. Tell me more about her." She smiled, tapping her fingers on the chair she had made herself at home into.

I was in a very awkward position right now, it was like she cared more about me than herself, I had never been a first choice in someone's life before. Is this what it's like? Masi didn't ask this many questions about me...didn't really care.

"Um, maybe some other time. Let's just watch some Netflix.." I said, walking over to her and sitting on the couch, realizing there wasn't enough space for me.

I reached over and picked up the remote, feeling my shirt rise up; and Lauren's eyes instantly averted to the few centimeters of skin that showed. I flushed, and pretended like I didn't notice.

Okay, I thought, is a romantic movie too suggestive, or should it be a family movie? Lauren doesn't seem like the type to like those kinds, but I'm not a big sci-fi, or a mystery. Horror gives me nightmares, but Lauren seems like she loves those kinds of movies. I keep scrolling down through the genres, scanning every title; most of them I have seen at some point I have to be honest.

Foreign movies, nah..thriller, same thing as horror..uhm, gay and lesbian? Since when was this a genre of movies? Not caring if she was going to judge me or not I flick through the different titles it showcased.

I was that close to picking a lesbian show when a light bulb went off in my head.

"Lauren, do you mind watching Obsessed with Beyoncé in it? I have a DVD of it, it's a pretty interesting plot line." I ask, hoping she'll say yes.

She smiles and nods, probably not even knowing what she was agreeing to. But then she stretched her arms and whined at me, "Come here, Normani; I want you right here beside me while we watch the movie."

I blush and walk over, remote in hand, comfortably snuggling into Lauren's side. She was very warm and I rested my head on her shoulder. Her hand was on the skin on my back, rubbing circles with her thumb. Everything was so relaxing and content, I played the movie but we didn't even pay attention.

I would shiver from her touch, and every now and then when she would move her head to look at me, her hot breathe would go onto my neck. I didn't want to leave.

I didn't know I had fallen asleep, until I woke up to nobody next to me. Actually I was in my bed, Lauren must of brought me up here when I fell asleep. I kind of feel bad, I must be very heavy to carry.

But that made me wonder if she stayed the night or not, I rubbed my eyes; burning from how tired I was. I grumbled, taking off the layers of sheets and going downstairs; not caring about my hair at the moment.

I heard humming, no low singing; as if she was embarrassed someone would hear. I peeked the corner very carefully, to find Lauren swaying ever hips to music from her iPhone; one earbud in her eye, one out. She was making pancakes on the stove, and I was embarrassed of myself now; I can't cook. That thing probably hasn't been used in ages.

On the countertop, there was a large plate with a stack of homemade pancakes and Aunt Jemima maple syrup. I took out my phone to check the time, to see I had gotten new messages. A little surprised they were from Dinah.

So sorry that Camila got a hold of my phone, I hope she didn't send anything to you because she deleted the conversation; so I have no idea.

How are you and Lauren doing? Camila and I are doing just fine hehe

I picked my head up to hear Lauren's raspy entrancing voice and watch two more pancakes land on the stack.

We are doing great.

Camila, what were you on about?

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