Chapter 162

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"Blaaake, I gotta go get ready."

Bri & I were lying in bed, and she was lying on top of me. She had been trying to get up for the last ten minutes, but I wouldn't let her. We rarely get time like this to ourselves, so I didn't want her to move.

"Just ten more minutes," I said, squeezing her ass, "it's not like you have to go now."

"Actually, I do. And I have to pick up Jakiera."

"Babe, I've seen y'all practice so many times. You don't really need to have re—"

"Yes, we do," she said looking at me, "it has to be per—"

To shut her up, I kissed her passionately. I knew she would lose her train of thought, and she would lay with me a little longer like I wanted.

I pulled away, and she laid her head back down.

"Fine. Just ten more minutes."

I smiled and lazily ran my fingers down her bare back as we lied in comfortable silence.

"We should have another baby," I said randomly, breaking that comfortable silence.

I felt her whole body get tense, and she lifted her head off my chest.


"I just think we should think about it," I said, "Brielle's growing up pretty fast."

She rested her chin on my chest and poked her bottom lip out a little.

"I thought we said after Brielle we weren't having anymore."

I chuckled, "no, you said that; I just listened."

"Blake, I think we have plenty of time to think about having another one," she said, kissing my chest.

She got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I put on my boxers & shorts, then went in the nursery to check on Brielle, who was wide awake & staring at the ceiling.

When she saw me, she squealed & kicked her feet. I laughed, picked her up, and she looked at me while chewing on her fist.

"I love you, baby girl."

She smiled and started babbling about something, then gave me an open-mouth kiss on the cheek.

"Y'all are so cute."

I turned around, and Bri was standing in the doorway and smiling. She walked in the room and kissed Brielle's cheek, which made her squeal.

"You know you're a good mom," I said to her, "I don't see how you could not want another baby."

She playfully rolled her eyes, "Brielle is only seven months old. How about we talk about this when she gets a little older?"

"All right."

"Now, I'm gonna go now," she said, wrapping her arms around my torso, "feed my kids, and try not to miss me while I'm gonna."

"I'll try," I said dramatically.

She laughed, then leaned up to peck my lips repeatedly. She kissed me one last time, then kissed Brielle again before she left.



My cousin, Jakiera, is in California for the weekend, so I took her with me this morning so she could watch our rehearsal and see how things operate at the studio.

I told her when, and only when, she graduated, I would bring her out to California so she could work here because she's a dancer as well, and I knew she wasn't going to college.

After my last kid went home for the day, we stayed and waited for DJ to pick Monique up because I didn't wanna leave her alone.

We heard a car horn, so we all went outside since we already knew it was DJ. I locked up the studio, then an unfamiliar car pulled up. We tried to ignore it, but we couldn't when we saw who got out.

"Monique &'s been a minute. It's good to see you're still friends."

I gave Jakiera my keys so she could get in the car and the second DJ saw Troy walking toward us, he jumped out of the car.

"What are you doing here, Troy?" Monique asked, obviously scared.

It pisses me off that he just showed up out of nowhere like this because Monique's life was seemingly perfect until now.

"I wanted to see my two favorite people," he said, "the same people that put me in jail."

"You brought that on yourself," I said.

He glared at me and clenched his jaw. "Shut up, bitch!"

I had to laugh in his face because I think he thinks I'm supposed to be afraid of him.

"Boy, bye," I chuckled, waving him off, "I hope you don't think just because you were in jail for a lil minute, somebody's supposed to be scared of you. I'll fuck you up just like I did last time."

He sucked his teeth and I laughed to myself because he knew I was right.

"Whatever." He looked at Monique, licked his lips and took a step toward her. "I missed you, Mo. You —"

"You don't really need to say anything else to my wife," DJ said, stepping in front of Troy.

He looked down at Monique, and she hid behind DJ a little.

"Wife?! You married the same nigga you cheated on me with?!" Troy yelled.

"I never cheated on you!" Monique yelled back.

Troy raised his hand to hit her, which was dumb because DJ wasn't just gonna sit there and let a man hit his wife.

"You don't wanna do that," DJ said, crushing Troy's wrist.

DJ dropped Troy's arm then checked to see if Monique was all right. But when DJ turned back around, Troy hit him with a cheap shot, and it pissed me off. Only a bitch nigga would hit someone when they're not expecting it.

I tried to charge at the lil bitch because I don't tolerate people messing with my family & friends, but DJ grabbed me.

"Chill, I'll handle this," he said, setting me back down on the ground, "just take Monique home with you."

"Dre, I'm not lea—"

"Go. I'll be fine."

I grabbed Monique's arm and led her to the car. I pulled out of the parking lot and sped to the house.

I know DJ can handle himself because he's a pretty strong dude; I'm just afraid Troy's gonna do something dirty, and DJ will get seriously hurt.


I dedicate this chapter to the person that wanted to see Troy come back.

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