I slowly leaned in also before closing my eyes until the hotel room door slammed open. Ross jumped away scratching the back of his neck awkwardly, "God can a girl get some… Ross don’t rape Casey." It just had to be Meghan. 

"What's up?" Ross asked lowly keeping his eyes on anything but Meg and I. Anyone could tell that he was slightly embarrassed that he was caught.

"The sky blondie,” She sarcastically said before turning to me, “Casey are you ok?" I gave her a look which resulted in her walking out of the room.

I sighed when the door clicked shut, and looked in Ross’ direction, "You're staying another night."

I nod in agreement, and turned my attention to my phone that started buzzing again, 'Look she even has to throw herself at him so he'll like her!' There was a picture attached of us from a few seconds ago. A frown found its way to my face after reading it, and before I had the chance to exit the app Ross had my phone and was reading through the tweets.

I saw him click the screen multiple times before his phone buzzed, "Now if something ever happens, you can just text me and I’ll help you out with anything. No matter how stupid it could be."

"Why are you being so nice to me?"

I wanted to cry, but the tears wouldn’t come out, “I said it earlier Case. I saw a broken girl and I want to help…"

A smile found its way onto my lips as I hugged the tall blonde, "Thank you so much Ross…"


After our hug Ross changed my whole twitter account around so that I wasn’t following any of the fans. My twitter name was changed to @Casey_Lynn_, my notifications were turned off, and when he finally handed my phone back it looked like a tornado had torn it up.

My profile picture was of he and I walking to the bus and my cover photo was the group photo of Meghan, Ross, Riker, Ryland, Rydel, Rocky, Ratliff, and I.

"Now to make this official..." He whispered before facing me, "will you go out with me?"


The next day school was awkward. I was wearing a pair of Rydel's washed denim shorts, pink high top converse, and a white McFly tank top. Everyone everywhere was watching my every move waiting for me to slip up, some even made remarks, but I ignored them. 

Homeroom seemed to take forever to start as we waited for the bell to ring. Meg walked up and took a picture through snapchat of the two of us, "Going to your boyfriend!"

She chuckled typing something as I jumped to my feet swat at her hands trying to grab her phone out of them, "No that picture was horrible!"

Her phone buzzed shortly after, and a picture of him lying on his bed shirtless was on the screen along with, 'She's beautiful.' Then there was a heart emoji. He just called me beautiful…

I was lost in my thoughts, and next thing I knew my books were scattered on the floor of the classroom. My eyes caught Lauren sit down with a smirk on her face. 'Great the poplar’s are back...’ I inwardly groaned.


While at lunch I went to the bathroom to send Ross a text telling him that I couldn't text in class since he apparently didn't know. As I was leaving, Lauren walked in with Kat and Mandy behind her, "Hey slut. I see you got a new man." Lauren stated getting close to me.

"Lauren I told you I didn't want to fight," I sighed.

I saw a smirk grow on Mandy's face, "Oh so Lynch is your boyfriend?"