I felt so happy with myself when I was clean. A nice, warm shower lifted my mood instantly, and I felt almost invincible. Nothing could make me unhappy, not even cathartic Clyde.

I changed into a tank top and shorts, letting my hair down for once as I trailed quietly through the living room, where Harry sat and awaited my arrival.

"Hi." I mumbled, swaying my hips ever so slightly as I took a seat beside him. His arm wrapped around my waist and gently pulled me into his side, his nose and mouth nestling into my damp hair before he placed a kiss to my head.

I put my legs up on the sofa to rest and watched tv peacefully beside Harry as Clyde was presumably wallowing in his tears to Amber. Harry's fingertips brushed my shoulder and innocently traced down my arm and then to my legs, where he stroked my skin back and forth.

"Are you petting my leg hair?" I inquired in curiosity, still keeping my eyes on the tv as I did so.

"No." I felt him smirk with his mouth resting beside my head.

"Good, because I'm not petting yours in return."

"You're a weird fuck." He breathed with a hidden smile.

I mustn't have been that weird considering his lips attached themselves to my earlobe, where he softly teased and gave gentle kisses just under my ear.

"What are we watching?" I quietly asked.

"I'm watching you," He spoke softly into my ear. "And right now you're leaving me on a cliffhanger."

"How come?"

He pressed a kiss to my bare shoulder and then bit his bottom lip as he stared at me with a trace of innocence in his gaze. "Because... I'm waiting for you to pick up on where we left off, you know, in the park last night, when you were getting really... touchy."

The thought was intriguing, however I wasn't willing to condone any sexual behaviour with the presence of Clyde nearby. I gently shook my head, biting my lip also to refrain from awkwardly smiling.

"No." I whispered.

His face dropped a little. "You're not ready? Because... I wasn't talking about sex-"

"The delivery guy could knock on our door." I argued.

"I-I..." He paused hesitantly. "One of us stays clothed. I'm up for anything, so I'll be the one who's clothed."

"What if Clyde walks in on us?"

"He's seen my cock... Like, a thousand times." He admitted, although I furrowed my eyebrows in uncertainty.

"No, I don't want to." I laughed.

"Sorry," He apologised with an awkward frown. "You should've said, now I feel like a dick for trying to convince you."

It was fun to see him elaborate on this topic, although it was a little selfish on my behalf because I felt as if I was always leading him on. But Harry didn't mind.

"You used to be such a player," I murmured, which sparked his curiosity as he leaned in closer to await what I had to say. "When I talk to you, like, the change in you is so... evident."

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