Wolf Silver

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The night was dark and haunting. There were few animals out moving in the shadows. Even the nocturnal owls had left the nights hunting and settled into their homes.  Layla, a beautiful grown woman was not bothered by the unusual night, she slipped through the night and into different clearings and stone paths.

As she grew out of her awkward teen years, getting caught between you six yearold self and her new teen emotions she learned to grow the hard way. But John had been strong beside her and Greg's love never ended. She became a powerful wolf, high ranked and magnificent. Still holding the tital of Ancient Pants and raising her new five year old son, Jebadiah Markus, and couldn't wait until she would soon bear another. Her dream of having a daughter burned bright in her mind. Her love for her neices and nephew (Alison had carried another daughter after baby John). So now a family was growing bigger and brighter into the future. Everything seemed peacfull and perfect.

But what Layla stumbled upon that cold night would only prove that their journey is not finished.


"Kill her!" The man shouted waving a had violently over me. His partner looked down at me a swirll of fear and anger in his eyes. I shivered wanting to crawl away. How did I get here? I remember running, having felt aching muscles move freely and openly like never before. Laying here now I felt trapt and scared, where did that freedom go?

"You kill her! She's your mistake!" The second man finally concluded. I watched their faces, I knew they had been haunting me for many years floating in and out of bright white lights. With their faces came the pain, white hot burning pain that would start from my arm and flow through my body.

"Fine! Get out of my way." He shouted and took the spear from the second man. I flinched away and put my hand up to guard my face, or maybe my sight from my dismal end. "May God have mercy on your soul and free the demon that has possed your body." He whispered, like he actually felt pity for me. "I tried to cure you, I truly did, now the rest is up to God." He hifted it up hifher and was about to bring the sharp gleaming point.

A violent growl broke the night, followed by screams. I chanced a look, and couldn't believe my eyes. Standing over my, almost protectivly, a massive wolf towered over me. Sharp bright teeth were barred and red gums created a sadistic look to it. The men dropped to the ground and tried to slide away, begging for forgivness. The wolf leaned down and the hairs on it's back stood on end and bright brown eyes narrowed on them.

"GET OUT!" It barked. Wait? Did i hust understand a wolf? The men didn't move their eyes were wide and frightened.

"Oh Lord forgive us!" They cried and tried to pull away.

"Leave! Now!" It barked, I noticed it had a female sound to it. The wolf was a girl? "Get off my land before I RIP YOUR HEAD OFF!" The rant got louder and louder until both men jumped to their feet and bolted it out of there as fast as they could. The wolf moved then stepping away from me and turning.

She is stunning.

Light grey, almost white face with a black cresent moon on her face and on her one hip, which was a darker shade of grey had a white star. I shivered and backed away. The hairs on her back lowered and she laid down slowly onto her tummy and stared at me, her tail wagging. Her tounge hanging out of her mouth, she was panting. I shifted up so I was sitting. I wanted to say something. "Hello." She barked.

"You speak?" I said, supprising myself by actually let my voice slip out. It sounded so strange to me. A stranger to myself.

"I speak. You understand me." She said and chuckled, I think she smiled too.